Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Hundred Twosday

When I posted Twosday Four last week, I noticed that it was post 199.  I started this blog way back in January 2010, when I was pregnant with Miss A, and here we are at post 200.  Feeling pretty proud of myself right now.  I had big ideas for this post (maybe a list of 200 things making me happy/I like/something else fun), but decided that a Twosday post would be fitting (and faster and easier).

Two most viewed posts
1. A's First Birthday Party
2. A to Z

1. Miss A
2. Little J

Two favorite posts about Miss A
1.  Santabelle
2.  Little A: Toddler Top 10

Two favorite posts about Little J
1. On the move...
2. My Little Monkey

Two cute 19 month photo shoots
1. Miss A
2. Little J

Two sweet sisters
1. Big Sister
2. Sisters

Two big birthday parties
1. Secret Agent Josephine
2. Cowgirl A's Birthday Party

And with that, rest time is over.  Here's hoping for another 200!

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