Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dinosaur Week(s)

So, Dinosaur Week actually stretched in to two weeks.  Partly because the dinosaur books are really fun, and partly because I bought a few things for dinosaur week, so I wanted to make sure we got some use out of them.


One activity we did during our dinosaur weeks was to make dinosaur cards and send them out to a few friends and family. I totally forgot to take pictures, but thankfully Heather did.

The rest I think I remembered to take photos of.  Miss A really loved Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp, so we did some of our own stomping.  I put roll paper down our front walk, painted the the girls' feet and let them stomp around on the paper.  I'm pretty sure this was Miss A's very favorite dinosaur activity.  I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest for making dinosaur feet to stomp, but this worked for us.  The girls roared while they stomped to make themselves more like dinosaurs :).

One of the things that I bought for Dinosaur Week was a Dino-Dig Excavation Kit from Lakeshore. Last time we visited Lakeshore this set was out to play with, and Miss A loved it.  It was also half off, which was why I bought it.  The set comes with dinosaur skeletons, sifters and brushes.  We took the kit to the park and I buried the dinosaur skeletons in the sand.  Then I let the girls dig for the dinosaurs.  Miss A really enjoyed it.  Little J enjoyed playing in the sand, but was less successful in finding the dinosaurs.  Another day, we buried the dinosaurs in our colored rice at home, which both girls really enjoyed.

We also played with the dinosaur skeletons and some dinosaur figures in play dough.  The girls pressed the different dinosaurs into the play dough to make their own "fossils."  The girls enjoyed seeing the different shapes the dinosaurs would make.

After the success of painting the girls' feet, we also tried painting the dinosaurs' feet, and the rest of the dinosaurs' bodies.  

And, no week for us would be complete without a tea party.  So our dinosaur friends joined us for tea, just like in Tea Rex.

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