Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daddy, His Girls and a Swing

Much like with our picnic table, E recently decided that the girls needed a swing for our backyard.  We have a baby swing in our front yard, but Miss A is a little too big for the baby swing, and soon Little J will be too.  So E stopped at a hardware store for some rope and metal things (I can't really tell you what they are), found a board in our garage, and put together a new swing for our backyard.  

Both girls are loving their new swing.  Little J tells us, "wing, wing" constantly. The branch it is connected to is pretty high, so the swing twists, but both girls hold on and swing, swing, swing.  I know E worries sometimes that he has to work too much, but I think he makes the most of the time he is home with us.  I think the girls will remember that their daddy was so fun.  He made them a swing (and a balance beam to play on while he worked), and made them smile and of course loves them very much.

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