Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Months!!

Baby J is now 3 months old, and while I don't know how much she weighs right now, I know she's growing, because her 3 month outfits are getting so tight. We took her to dinner with another couple and their 1 month old, and there is a HUGE size difference. Baby M made Baby J look like a monster! She's still spitting up a lot. By the time we got done taking these pictures she was soaked, and I had to find her a new outfit (or do a costume change as we like to call it). But the spitting seems to bother me more than her, so we're just waiting for her to grow out of it. As I write, she's sitting on my lap, cooing up a storm, and now I just felt a whole lot of slime hit my legs. See how smiley she is in these photos? That's how she is most of the time. She's so sweet and content. She cries when she's hungry, or sometimes when she needs her diaper changed, and occasionally we'll hear a little dinosaur noise when she needs a little more attention, but other than that she is relaxed and happy. When she sees Mommy, Daddy or Little A her whole little face lights up! She has the cutest smiles, and we even hear a few little baby giggles. She's also cooing like crazy!

Our day care provider tells me that Baby J is a "gem." She told me she's always nervous when a new baby starts, but that Baby J is super easy and sweet, and gives out her big, gummy smiles to the rest of the kids.

Baby is starting to have more control over her body now. Her neck is so strong, and she loves to watch what everyone around her is doing. She's starting to grab for the toys on her play mat too. I think it's pretty adorable to watch her try to get her pacifier back in. Sometimes her little birdy mouth even manages to get it! This month we took a big trip with Baby J to Cancun (Little A stayed with her grandmas and grandpas in Wisconsin while we were gone). She was such a good little traveler! No problems on the flights, no problems sleeping, no problems hitting the town with Mommy and Daddy (well, hitting the town to the extent you can with a baby along). She went to her first wedding (congrats, K & C!) while we were there, and dipped her little body in the Caribbean Sea.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Sweetest Little Valentine

Our sweet littlest valentine. Our bigger valentine refused to participate in pictures this year. She did help decorate valentines though. I think Daddy got 5 valentines from Little A.

Monday, February 13, 2012

366 Project: Days 38-42

Day 38: Peek!

(She refused to sit in front of the fabric, but thought it made a terrific tent!)Day 39: Chillin in her BoppyDay 40: Swinging! (Note no hat or mits in early Feb!)Day 41: Cookie & Concern Day 42: So sweet when she's sleeping

Saturday, February 11, 2012

366 Project: Days 33-37

Day 33: Reading with DaddyDay 34: Tummy time!Day 35: Rockin in her pretty dress

Day 36: Mommy, why is that camera constantly in my face? Day 37: Good Morning Jophajean!

Monday, February 6, 2012

366 Project: Days 29-32

Day 29: Little A pulling Baby J in the sled.
Day 29: Making snow angels with Daddy (just like Peter in The Snowy Day)Day 30: I was SO HAPPY to get home to this smiling face after her my first day back to work.
Day 31: Watching big sister play.
Day 32: Talking to Daddy on the phone.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Quick Little A Update

Little A is most certainly a toddler.

She is a bundle of energy. And she is sassy.

She runs around the house like a crazy person for much of the day. She loves to play "catch," though her actual catching skills are lacking. She'll throw the ball (often behind her) and yell with excitment. Open gym is the greatest! She can run and yell and nobody looks at me funny. I picked her up from day care the other day, and she ran away from me to the playground area. She ran to a swing, and in one motion dove on the big kid swing on her tummy. No fear. And she looked SO BIG to me doing it.

She loves people. She is so excited when we have visitors, or when she gets to go "play with friends." That's a general term for almost anything we are going to where there will be other little people, including day care, ECFE, and the library. She runs around yelling, "Play with friends! Play with friends!" She opens up to other people very quickly. She'll sit in any mom's lap to sing (another favorite!), play or read when we go to play groups.

She can tell us what she wants, and she expects that we'll get it for her (we're working on using please and thank you. She'll yell what she wants, "MILK! MORE MILK!" and then in the sweetest voice add "please" at the end. She says so many things I can't even begin to count. Not just words, but 3 and 4 word sentences. On the phone she'll ramble on and on. I thought we wouldn't have to worry about that until her teen years, but I guess I was wrong! E and my current favorite is when she talks about her little sister (who she loves), "Jopha-jean."

366 Project: Days 24-28

Day 24: I am going to eat this because you told me not to.Day 25: Mommy's Little AssistantDay 26: Funny Baby FaceDay 27: Great Big SMILES!!!Day 28: Putting her makeup on

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby J is 2 Months!

My baby girl is getting so big! We went to the doctor last Friday, and she's up to 12 pounds, and 23.25 inches. No wonder so many of her 3 month clothes are getting snug. She's even fitting nicely into some of her 3-6 month clothes.

She continues to be a spitter, but not as bad as I was from what I hear. Our doctor calls her a happy spitter, and she's growing well, so I try not to worry about it too much. But it's hard not to worry when I'm soaked in baby spit after feeding her. I want all of that good stuff to stay in her tummy!

She's sleeping pretty well, but still a bit of a night owl. Her first sleep stretch is around 5-6 hours most nights, and she'd probably go about that long for the second stretch, but I wake her up to eat when Little A gets up most of the time so we can get started with our day. In this last picture, Baby J isn't looking at the camera very well, but you can catch a little glimpse of her big, gummy smile. She is so, so very sweet. She is so content and easy going, and she flashes that smile all the time now! We absolutely LOVE it! Her smiles are our favorite thing she does right now. I also like her baby stretches, and when she tries to get her pacifier back when it falls out. She looks like a little baby bird using her mouth to try to find where the pacifier went. And occasionally she is successful.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

366 Project: Days 16-23

Day 16: Chillin on her play matDay 17: Little A's favorite toy, my iPhone (you should hear her and Siri have a conversation)Day 18: Baby J's first time in her Bumbo chair (part of our passport photo fiasco).

She looks so big!Day 19: Cat nap in the sunDay 20: Little A is "helping" Baby J. Day 21: Snowball!Day 22: Painting a picture for Daddy. Look at the concentration! Day 23: Swaddled up and ready for bed.