Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015 Week 14

Baby C loves bath time. Even if she's grumpy she cheers right up in the tub. I've tried adding her to the bath with Miss A and Little J, but she prefers her solo baths for now. She likes playing with the cups and toys and kicking her feet. She smiles and laughs the whole time, making bath time one of my favorite times too! After her time in the tub is done she likes to get wrapped up in her towel and check out the baby in the mirror. So funny. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Week 13: Miss A's 5th Birthday Party

The YMCA we go to is one of Miss A's very favorite places, so back in November when they were running a Black Friday special I decided to book her birthday party there. Miss A loves her birthday (as I assume all kids do) and she started planning this party the minute we finished her 4th birthday party. This year she was really excited to be able to invite a bunch of friends, jump in a bouncy house and eat cake at her Frozen party. 

The Y staff had tables set up with table clothes and balloons, but we brought in some Frozen decorations from Target to add to the room. I found some cute paper crowns for the kids to decorate and wear during the party at Michaels (a little hard to see on the white table clothes.

Olaf string cheese snacks designed by E. 

And one very happy birthday girl with her party cupcakes. 


Overall Miss A had a lot of fun and the party went smoothly. We had a few problems getting the party arranged which was really frustrating for me the week of her birthday and party. I think next year we'll be back to hosting a party at our house where I have more control over the event (I'm only a little bit of a control freak- ha!). 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Baby C: 8 Months

This month has flown by. Wow! How is Baby C 8 months old now? 

Personality: Baby C continues to be quite sweet, but there has been a lot more crying over the past month. I think she has realized that crying gets her more attention. She has been a little more clingy and wants me to carry her around more, so the Ergo is getting a lot more use. If I'm holding her, she's a pretty happy girl, giving out big gummy smiles all the time (still no teeth).

Likes: Her big sisters. Attention from neighborhood kids. Being outside (hooray for warm weather, or at least occasional warm weather). Being held up in the air/flying. Kisses on her cheeks and neck. Being tickled (especially her tummy and armpits). Bath time and bath toys. The baby in the mirror. Being held. Her car seat and elephant blankie that Nana made. Eating.

Dislikes: Being put down for more than a few minutes. Socks. Not being able to move. Being on her tummy.

Eating: We haven't found anything that Baby C won't eat yet. She likes pureed bananas, squash, peas, green beans, pears, apples, chicken, blueberries, sweet potatoes... a whole mix of things. She has a hard time with puffs, but she loves crackers, especially graham crackers which she turns in to a gooey mess. We went in to urgent care with pink eye yesterday and she was over 19 pounds. Way to grow, Baby C!

Sleeping: Overall, sleep has been good. I very much appreciate that. She gets tired pretty early now and goes to be for the night around 7:30pm. E still gives her a bottle before bed, but she only drinks an ounce or two now before going to bed so one of us has been feeding her another few ounces when we go to bed around 10pm. Most night she then sleeps until between 5-6:30am. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night but she falls back asleep if we replace her pacifier. During the day she takes a morning nap between 9-10am and another, longer afternoon nap. I've been trying do her afternoon nap in the crib which will work for an hour or so. If I move her to the swing after that hour she will usually fall back asleep for another hour or more.