Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

These girls are so lucky. They have an amazing daddy. He snuggles them first thing in the morning (or sneaks a kiss on their cheeks if he has to leave for work) and checks on them just before he goes to be every night. He takes them on adventures big and small. He introduces them to new things (and new foods his wife wouldn't dream of trying). He has learned all the ponies, princesses and seen more Tinkerbell shows than he'd care to admit. He plays rough and squirts ketchup right in their mouths.

There is a mad rush to give him the first hug when he gets home from work. He's the first choice to share a blankie with on movie night and the prince they want to marry when they grow up. He's always there when they need him. He's the best.

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Baby C: 10 Months

Baby girl continues to grow and grow. I'm not sure that her size has actually changed much, but she can do and seems to understand more by the day. And she finally has teeth! He bottom two (sharp!) teeth poked through right as she reached 10 months. 

Personality: Baby C is still just about the sweetest little girl. This month she's been really interested in watching her big sisters, and laughing at the silly things they do. They provide endless entertainment. Both Miss A and Little J have also been more interested in Baby C this month, I think because they get more of a reaction from her.

Likes: Her sisters. Laughing at her sisters. She bounces and smiles when she really likes what they're doing. The neighbor girls love when she does that. People saying, "da da" and trying to say it back. Clapping along with us. Trying to wave. Sitting in the grocery cart like a big girl. Being tickled. Emptying buckets of toys.

Dislikes: Tummy time. She may never crawl. Being left alone in a room.

Eating: Baby C is doing really well trying new foods. She'll try most foods we give her, though some get spit right back out, and then sometimes thrown on the floor.

Sleeping: Sleeping is great! Baby C is sleeping from about 8pm to 5 or 6am almost every day and it's wonderful. Some mornings she goes back to sleep after I feed her, sometimes she stays up. She takes a shorter morning nap and normally a nice, long afternoon nap, but it's hard to stick to a schedule because we have a lot of other plans. I sometimes find her on her tummy in her crib which is funny because normally if I put her on her tummy she screams.

Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Week 22

I shared a little about Miss A's preschool graduation previously, but I couldn't resist sharing a few more pictures from the day. 
After her performance.
Miss A insisted that she get a picture with Daddy on her last day of preschool.

Little J thought she should be involved too.
I thought I should get a picture with her too. 

This is how Little J shows us how much she loves us. She spreads her thumb and pointer finger apart as far as she can get them and says, "I love you this much." So sweet she is. Though she wasn't really in the mood for photos.

Baby C has been enjoying the front yard entertainment. Three houses in a row, full of girls. There's plenty to watch and laugh about.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 Week 21

My niece turned 1 recently, so the girls and I made a one day trip to Wisconsin to celebrate with the birthday girl and the rest of my family. Such a fun day! Baby C and her cousin are less than three months apart in age, and I have big hopes that they will grow up to be friends. I can't wait until Little JR is a little older and we can steal her for visits to play with her crazy cousins. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 Weeks 18 &19

I almost forgot about week 18, so just one picture of Baby C and her toy bucket. She loves to tip it over and let the toys fall out. 

Baby C also loves her big sisters. Little J is taking more and more interest in her as she gets more responsive. Little J likes to be a helper too, so she's happy to push Baby C in the swing. She even gives her underdogs. Luckily she's not too tall, so the swing doesn't go too high.

We've been having a gorgeous spring this year, and the big girls have already had the sprinkler out a few times. So much fun!

 Even Baby C got in on the sprinkler action, with a little help from her Daddy.

She's already got him wrapped around her little finger.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby C: 9 Months

Personality: Baby girl continues to have the best gummy smiles, and generally be a sweet baby. The crying is still increased, at least until someone picks her up. She's happy to be carried around by E or I, but is growing more weary of strangers. She does well when I drop her off at Kid Stuff at the Y, but once she sees me coming back to pick her up she gets very upset about being with the teachers. 

Likes: Pink elephant blankie from Nana. Playing with toys (well, taking them out of the basket). Eating big girls foods (especially blueberries). Bath time. Watching her big sisters run around. Tipping herself upside down when being held.

Dislikes: Sitting by herself for more than five minutes. Being alone in a room. Strangers. If she wants to be picked up she cries and puts her hands up by her ears. For the first couple of days she was doing this I worried that her ears were bothering her, but no, that's just her go to move when she really want to be picked up.

Eating: Baby C loves eating finger foods. Crackers, puffs, blueberries, strawberries, bananas and pretty much anything else we give her to try. Well, at least she'll try it once. 

Sleeping: Baby girl is sleeping very nice stretches at night. She likes an early bedtime, sometime around 7:30 or 8pm, then sleeps until between 5-6am. Some mornings she goes back to sleep for another hour or two, otherwise she stays up for a couple of hours, then takes a short nap. She naps again for a longer time in the afternoon, and sometimes takes another shorter nap before dinner. 

Stats: 19 lbs, .5 oz and 27 inches. Ahh... this was the hard part of the month. I took Baby C in for her 9 month check up and she really didn't grow much between 6 and 9 months. She gained just over a pound and grew just a quarter of an inch (dropping her down to the 23rd percentile in height, way off her growth curve and strange for our babies so far). Her pediatrician was a little worried about her height gain, so she did tested her thyroid. The tests came back normal, but I still can't help but worry about her a little. She's down to the  Hopefully she'll go through a growth spurt soon and I'll be able to relax.