Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baby CDS: 5 Months

So many sweet photos of our happy baby girl this month! Baby CDS continues to be the happiest baby. I love these baby smiles where it looks like her whole body is smiling. I just can't get enough!

Baby girl is an absolute joy! She smiles as soon as she sees us, and we all love it. Lady C still is amazed and excited every morning when she wakes up and sees that our baby is still here. It is adorable! If only Lady C would stop sitting on baby. When Baby CDS isn't busy giving big, gummy smiles she has started laughing. Little J is especially good at getting Baby CDS laughing. She seems to be ticklish, though maybe it's the silly faces her sisters make that make her laugh. Either way, super cute!

Baby CDS still doesn't cry too much, but she does cry sometimes if we all leave the room without her. She returns to her smiley self as soon as someone comes back and looks at her. She will sometimes cry a little if she gets overstimulated and needs a little nap. Most of the time I can tuck her arms down by her side or swaddle her and calm her down pretty quickly.

A big change in Baby CDS this month is that she's starting to be mobile. She rolls from her back to her tummy really well, and sometimes from her tummy to her back. When she stays on her back she kicks her feet and slides around the room. It's still a little weird to look over in the living room and not see her where I left her. She holds her head up really well when she's on her tummy, and when we're helping her sit up. I'm sure it won't be too long until she's crawling around and chasing her big sisters!

Sleep and eating haven't changed much. She's still up just once most nights, though some nights more, some not at all. We're waiting a little longer before we add in baby food. Baby CDS is still in 6 month size clothes and size 2 diapers.

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