Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baby #4: 39 Weeks

As I type this, I just got home from the doctor, and it looks like we're going to have a baby tomorrow! Wow! It feels really crazy that we're about to have FOUR kids!
37 Weeks
We're as ready as we can be for baby girl's arrival. Her room is ready, her clothes are ready, we have many (many) diapers and her sisters (at least the big two) are very ready! We just need a name (ha!) and a baby!

I've been feeling about the same as my last post. Still tired, lower back pain that gets really bad at times and some swelling, especially my right leg. It's hard to get comfortable to sleep and to stay asleep once I get to sleep which can be frustrating. I also have heartburn starting in the afternoon most days, and that gets really bad when I lay down. Tums and lots of pillows help most of the time. 

I have been able to stay pretty active through this last month, and I met my goal of going to the gym through 39 weeks. I even made it to the new release of Body Pump on Monday where I got many, many comments from fellow pumpers about how I could still be there. It didn't feel great, and I had to take a few tracks off, but I made it. And made the decision that would be the last day no matter when baby girl came.
39 Weeks, 5 days
My sister is staying with us this week to help out with the girls, which is amazing. I had her quick snap a picture of my belly since it seems this will be the last day of my giant pregnant belly. Now to repack my hospital bag, get a hair cut (yes, I scheduled an appointment for this week) and continue freaking out about having a baby!

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  1. I have been previously experiencing on the same while our very last article. Even now fatigued, small of the back ache that will becomes genuinely undesirable from time to time and a few bloating, specially our appropriate knee. It can be challenging to acquire cozy for you to snooze and continue to be lying down after My spouse and i rest that is aggravating.