Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baby CDS: 1 Month

I'm so behind on blogging... again. Oops! But, we have a new sweet girl! And she's already a month old (actually 6 weeks as I write this, but I'm trying to give details from her first month!). This seriously felt like the fastest month of my life.

Baby CDS is just about the sweetest little thing I could imagine. We're all soaking in as much newborn baby time as we can. I'm in love, Daddy's in love and big sisters are in love, especially Lady C. Seriously, Lady C's face just lights up every time she sees her baby. It is absolutely adorable. We were worried that there would be some jealousy from Lady C, but there hasn't been any toward baby at all (she does sometimes get upset if Miss A or Little J is snuggling with me).

Baby CDS took to nursing really well right from the start, such a relief. She was/is a big baby. She started at 10 pounds, 11 ounces and by her checkup at 3 weeks she was up to 11 pounds, 11 ounces. So eating is not a problem. Although I did end up with mastitis at 3 weeks, which was awful. I'm hoping to avoid that going forward! She's also sleeping about as well as you can expect for a newborn. Most nights she's only up once or twice, and she goes back to sleep right away after I feed her.

 We used the newborn size diapers that we got from the hospital, then moved to size 1 right away. It was about the same with clothes. I had all of newborn clothes ready, so Baby CDS started in newborn size clothes, but after a little over a week I moved her up to 3 month clothes, and some of those are getting a little tight. 

Of course E had to stick with his tradition of getting Baby CDS a cake for her 1 month birthday. E picked an ice cream cake up from Dairy Queen and it was quite tasty. We all enjoyed baby's cake! And that night Baby CDS got to join E and I for her first party, a work event for E. Baby CDS slept through most of the party, but she definitely the cutest one there! 

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