Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Week 13: Miss A's 5th Birthday Party

The YMCA we go to is one of Miss A's very favorite places, so back in November when they were running a Black Friday special I decided to book her birthday party there. Miss A loves her birthday (as I assume all kids do) and she started planning this party the minute we finished her 4th birthday party. This year she was really excited to be able to invite a bunch of friends, jump in a bouncy house and eat cake at her Frozen party. 

The Y staff had tables set up with table clothes and balloons, but we brought in some Frozen decorations from Target to add to the room. I found some cute paper crowns for the kids to decorate and wear during the party at Michaels (a little hard to see on the white table clothes.

Olaf string cheese snacks designed by E. 

And one very happy birthday girl with her party cupcakes. 


Overall Miss A had a lot of fun and the party went smoothly. We had a few problems getting the party arranged which was really frustrating for me the week of her birthday and party. I think next year we'll be back to hosting a party at our house where I have more control over the event (I'm only a little bit of a control freak- ha!). 


  1. Adorable! Love the string cheese - good job E!

  2. super cute! Glad to see you were able to get the Y - i know that was helpful :) xo

  3. Super exciting! I am glad that you selected her favorite place for her birthday party. She would have been over the moon. Isn’t it? Well, a few party halls in Boston MA are my daughter’s favorite so I always prefer reserving those venues for celebrating her birthday.

  4. This day may seem like any other ordinary day party to everyone else but I know just how special today is. Just letting you know that I remember you today and wishing you a happy birthday.