Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Months!!

Baby J is now 3 months old, and while I don't know how much she weighs right now, I know she's growing, because her 3 month outfits are getting so tight. We took her to dinner with another couple and their 1 month old, and there is a HUGE size difference. Baby M made Baby J look like a monster! She's still spitting up a lot. By the time we got done taking these pictures she was soaked, and I had to find her a new outfit (or do a costume change as we like to call it). But the spitting seems to bother me more than her, so we're just waiting for her to grow out of it. As I write, she's sitting on my lap, cooing up a storm, and now I just felt a whole lot of slime hit my legs. See how smiley she is in these photos? That's how she is most of the time. She's so sweet and content. She cries when she's hungry, or sometimes when she needs her diaper changed, and occasionally we'll hear a little dinosaur noise when she needs a little more attention, but other than that she is relaxed and happy. When she sees Mommy, Daddy or Little A her whole little face lights up! She has the cutest smiles, and we even hear a few little baby giggles. She's also cooing like crazy!

Our day care provider tells me that Baby J is a "gem." She told me she's always nervous when a new baby starts, but that Baby J is super easy and sweet, and gives out her big, gummy smiles to the rest of the kids.

Baby is starting to have more control over her body now. Her neck is so strong, and she loves to watch what everyone around her is doing. She's starting to grab for the toys on her play mat too. I think it's pretty adorable to watch her try to get her pacifier back in. Sometimes her little birdy mouth even manages to get it! This month we took a big trip with Baby J to Cancun (Little A stayed with her grandmas and grandpas in Wisconsin while we were gone). She was such a good little traveler! No problems on the flights, no problems sleeping, no problems hitting the town with Mommy and Daddy (well, hitting the town to the extent you can with a baby along). She went to her first wedding (congrats, K & C!) while we were there, and dipped her little body in the Caribbean Sea.

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