Monday, March 26, 2012

Little A's Rainbow 2nd Birthday Party

Little A turned 2 on Sunday, and to celebrate we had a rainbow themed birthday for her a little over a week ago. I had been saving some fun rainbow party ideas for Baby J's 1st birthday party, but when we decided to have Little A's 2nd birthday party on St. Patrick's Day, I thought rainbow would be a perfect fit! Here are a few of the fun details from the day.
Pinterest was the greatest way to save ideas when planning this party! I wish I would have had an account when I was planning her 1st birthday too! I saw so many great rainbow ideas searching Pinterest. This pin (sorry I can't link to the blog, it appears to be private) gave me the idea for the balloon rainbow below, but I used big punch balloons I found at Target.
I also picked out 20 of my favorite pictures of Little A over the past year to display. It's crazy to see all of the changes, especially how her hair has grown, and curled!Of course, for the rainbow party, we had to have a fruit rainbow.And a pot of "gold" for the end of the rainbow!What would a rainbow party be without the very popular rainbow cupcakes? I set up a few rainbow activities for the kids. E blew up a bunch of rainbow colored balloons and scattered them around the floor for the little ones to play with. The balloons were a huge hit! Another fun activity was the rainbow rice. I colored the rice the weekend before the party, then filled up Little A's water table with the rice and some sandbox toys.
I also set up a coloring table inside, with rainbow printables, markers, crayons, paint dot markers and fruit loops.For party favors, we gave the little ones watercolor paints (except the baby, who got a lucky duck).

I'll be back soon with more photos, including a little 2 year old and her rainbow tutu!


  1. Superb birthday party!! I loved the rainbow themed party. It’s just awesome, and the décor is fabulous. I am in love with it, and want to have lovely birthday party arrangements for my daughter who will soon turn 2. Will host her birthday party at one of Seattle venues and will look for a nice theme.