Monday, July 25, 2011

A to Z

11 years ago, my dear friend Heather and I lived in the same state. Then, at the end of the summer of 2000, I moved 7 hours away to go to college in Minnesota. Since then, with the exception of one short summer, we have lived at least 7 hours apart, and for most of that time, the distance has been much greater. But, with the help of the USPS and the internet, we've been able to stay close friends.2 summers ago, Heather suggested we play a postcard game. We take turns sending each other post cards, with each post card representing a letter of the alphabet. We alternated letters, me first sending "A" two years ago, and receiving "Z" from Heather this spring. It's perfect to me that it took us 2 years to complete this game, that's just how we are. And now it's funny to go back and look at how different both of our lives were at the start of the game.

Of course, it wouldn't be Heather unless there was at least 1 postcard involving a president. I also got one from Madison, (Z is for zoo) but I can't seem to find that one at the moment.

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  1. Hey, you guys finally found the last few postcards! These will/would look super cute all framed together. Love it!