Friday, June 14, 2013

My Little Monkey

My school finished up last week, so I'm home with the girls until the end of August.  And I'm so excited to spend so much time with them this summer.  I think we'll have a lot of fun adventures.  But Little J's new favorite hobby is climbing, and it is stressing me out.  Seriously, if there is a chair around, Little J will find it and move it to something higher to climb on.  Or, if there's nothing fun to climb on, she'll stand and "jump" on the chair (her version of jumping is really just bouncing.).  Miss A has never been a climber.  Overall she's a little timid when it comes to heights.  Little J is not.  At all.

  On Monday and Tuesday, I pulled her off of chairs, tables and counter tops countless times.  On Wednesday, I made pancakes for breakfast.  When I started to clean up, Little J crawled up on top of the table and proceeded to spill syrup all over the table, herself and our Play Doh supplies. That was the last straw.  I now have the kitchen gated off, and the dining room chairs on top of the table.  Hopefully that will help me from having a heart attack this summer.  

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