Monday, June 17, 2013

Backyard Photo Shoot

So, last year for Father's Day, part of E's gift was a picture of Miss A and Little J holding a sign that said We Love Daddy.  I got it laminated so we could use it every year.  I should have remembered that it was a battle to get a half way decent shot last year, because this year was a total no go from the girls.  This is the best we got.  
Not what I had hoped for (seriously, any tips for getting sweet pictures of siblings together would be much appreciated.).  But, we got E a frame with 2 openings (more on that tomorrow) so I decided pictures of each girl alone would have to do. I had them sit on top of their awesome picnic table to keep them (semi) contained (and bribed Miss A with a little candy).  I thought I'd share my favorites of each girl, because, well, I'm their mom and I think they're adorable!

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