Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I love reading Heather's Twosday posts, so I thought I'd do one of my own (with a few Instagram pictures from the weekend thrown in for fun).

Things I'm looking forward to...
1.  The end of the school year.  Students are done Thursday, and I'm done Friday!
2.  E and I are going to Germany (without kids) this summer!
Love these two!
Things making me feel old...
1.  My littlest sister graduated from high school this weekend (and, as one of the student speakers pointed out, they started Kindergarten in the fall of 2000... the same fall I started college)/
2.  My current students were born the year I graduated from high school.
Aunt K3's soccer game... they won! Go Lodi!
Apps helping me get back on track...
1. Map My Run- So happy the weather is improving so I can run at least a few times each week.  I feel so much better!  I have it set to tell me my time every half mile (I really like to know where I'm at).
2. My Fitness Pal App- This has helped me be more conscious about what I'm eating, which I really needed.

Little J with Khloe... she will be the one to ask for a pet!
Things I'm working on...
1. The Super Summer Challenge from Back to Her Roots.  I'm hoping that earning points will help keep me motivated and productive all summer.  I'm still trying to think of some good rewards.
2. Planning theme weeks for the girls this summer.  First up, gardening.  I'll share more soon!
My Super Summer Point Sheets
Things I've been listening too...
1.  Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.
2.  Probably more MyTalk 107.1 than is normal. I am VERY up to date on pop culture. (They have a great app for the iPhone if you're not in the Twin Cities area.)
Little J and I at K3's soccer game.

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  1. love that you joined in on Twosdays :) and LOVE all the glimpses into your life in this post! Can't wait to hear more about those theme weeks - that sounds like stuff my mom did when I was growing up :)