Thursday, May 30, 2013


Last year, my uncle cleaned some kid stuff out of his house, and we ended up with boxes full of books.  Every few months I go through and pull out a few that Miss A and Little J might like. Recently I found Pinkalicious and Purplicious.  Both have become big hits at our house, especially Purplicious, I think because Miss A loves to paint.

Purplicious begins and ends with Pinkalicious painting.  At first the other girls are making fun of Pinkalicious for liking pink so much, but in the end, there is a girl painting a cake will blue frosting.  She says her cake doesn't look right, and she needs some pink because, "Pink is Powerful."  She mixes the pink paint with the blue and makes purple.  So, that's exactly what we did.  Miss A loved mixing the colors, and painting her purple masterpiece.

Miss A loved this activity so much that soon after, we mixed colors again.  This time instead of just pink and blue we also mixed blue and green, and pink and yellow.  I put the paint in paper bowls so the mixing would be (hopefully) a little less messy.  We included Little J in the mixing this time, and she enjoyed it as much as Miss A.  By the end, even Daddy was involved, and both girls were covered in paint (funny how that works).

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