Thursday, May 23, 2013


Last summer, Dora had a big gymnastics adventure.  Nick Jr advertised this adventure for weeks and weeks before it was finally on.  Miss A love Dora, so gymnastics (or as she would say then, 'nastics) was about the coolest thing.  So for her birthday, Nana and Papa got Miss a 'nastics lessons. 

I think Miss A was the very youngest person in the class.  The youngest age was three, and she turned three just a week before starting.  She was really shy at first, and looked at me with big, confused eyes when I sent her in the first day.  But she loved gymnastics, especially the trampoline.  And this week, E and I finally got to watch.  

The school had a little show, and each class showed off what they could do.  It was fun to see what she's been doing in her class all these weeks. A little balance beam, vault, bar, somersaulting and, of course, the trampoline.

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