Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Twosday Two

My last Twosday post was so fun, I had to try it again.  It's also a good spot for an Instagram photo dump :)
Part of the outdoor area at the Roseville Library.  We love this library!
Two adventures with the two little ones last week...

  1. Roseville Library- We planned to go to storytime, but my keys were hidden outside by one of the two little people at my house (I'm betting on Little J), so we missed the start.  The girls did get to help plant some flowers outside, which went great with our gardening activities last week.
  2. Snail Lake Park- We met up with some friends for playtime and a picnic lunch.  The girls had a blast.  We're lucky that so many of their little friends have teacher moms too so the girls have little ones to play with all summer. 

Two fun weekend activities...

  1. Rock the Garden- E and I spent the evening at Rock the Garden, without the girls.  It was nice to get away and spend time with adults, have a few drinks and listen to live music (and thankfully, we were able to hide out at our friends' house during the rain).
  2. Canterbury Park- The girls and I took E to Canterbury park for the races on Sunday afternoon.  Miss A loves to watch the horses race.  She cheered for Lucky all afternoon, though none of the horses we saw were actually named Lucky.  Little J was pretty excited to see so many horses too, though she was pretty sure horses say, "moo." And Sunday is Family Day at the track.  Lots of fun stuff for the littles.  

Rock the Garden
These girls sure do love their Daddy!
Family selfie at the races (Little J's not really into the selfies yet).
Two things I loved last week...
  1. Running- I am not a morning person at all, but I did get up and run before E left for week 3 times last week.  Great for getting my day going, and great way to rack up some #sschallenge points.  
  2. Relaxing with Miss A and Little J- It was nice to have a low key week to hang out with the girls.  The last couple weeks of school are always crazy, so it was nice to have time to play.
Little J rockin' Mommy's sunglasses.
Two things I did not love last week...
  1. Little J climbing. On. Everything.
  2. Miss A and Little J fighting.  They're not too bad most days, but they need to get outside.  Rainy days are not our friend.
The girls went to a construction themed birthday party on Saturday.
The princesses have had to learn some new skills.
Two things I accomplished last week...
  1. Booked our rental car for Germany
  2. Deep cleaned the dining room 
She's looking so big to me lately. 

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