Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Sister

Little A absolutely loves her little sister. Baby J gets far more kisses from Little A than anyone else. She tries to help us with Baby J in her own little toddler way. She tries to help rock Baby J in her swing or car seat, but the rocking is pretty aggressive, and we have to remind her to be gentle. She takes Baby J's pacifier and brings it to us (although she occasionally tries to stick it in her mouth as well). She let's us know that, "baby's cying (crying)," followed by, "baby's sad," even sometimes when she's not. She finds Baby J's hiccups to be very fascinating.

Recently she's also started to take care of her baby like we do for Baby J. She tells us, "change baby's diaper," and then, "all better." She holds her baby and gives her a bottle when her baby is hungry. Yesterday she tried to swaddle her baby up in a blanket.

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