Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping Toddler Hands Busy

Baby J is already 6 weeks old... crazy! That means I've had about 6 weeks of trying to keep one pair of toddler hands busy while we've been home. We're able to get out a few times a week to activities, and it's been a mild winter, so we can get outside more often than I expected, but I've still needed some extra tools to keep Little A busy during our days at home.

Before Baby J was born, I started putting these busy boxes together (thanks to help from Pinterest and here). I organized a busy baby swap with friends who have toddlers too, and I picked up some fun little toys and books this fall to include as well.

Box 1: Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Box 2: Music Box

  • Music Busy Bag: Childeren's CD, bottle shaker, recorder, bells

  • Egg Shakers

  • Lion Clacker (not in picture)

  • Maraca

  • Magic Wand (like our music teacher had)

Box 3: Animals

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear

  • Animal Matching Game (from swap)

  • Fishing Game (from swap)

  • Pipecleaners (Little A really enjoys poking them in a strainer!)

Box Four: Colors

Box 5: Body

  • Mr. Potato Head

  • Book About Body Parts

  • Play-Doh

Box 6: Fun (A bunch of busy bags that Little A hasn't quite figured out yet)

Having some special toys and activities to bring out from time to time has been really helpful, especially on days when Baby J needs more attention, or we're stuck in the house for a long time. Even when I go back to work, I think these will still be helpful to have something "new" to play with when E and I are busy. As she gets older, I will be able to add to what's in the boxes so they're still something special.

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