Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at Our House

This Christmas was a big change for us. Not only did we have Baby J with us to celebrate Christmas, but we did not travel at all. Not Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or any time in December. Instead, everyone came to us at different times, which meant we got to extend our celebrations over a few weeks. I think Little A is going to be a little sad that the presents have stopped for awhile now.

For our actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations, Nana, Papa, K1 and K3 came to visit, along with Little A's buddy Khloe (Nana's puppy). We went to Christmas Eve service at our church, and both girls fell asleep. It was so nice (and must have been some Christmas magic, because Little A almost never falls asleep on us anymore). Then we came home and grilled ribs for dinner, and exchanged family presents.

Christmas morning we woke up and Santa had delivered a few more gifts for the girls. Little A REALLY enjoyed opening presents, and for a bit enjoyed helping everyone else open their gifts too (although she was a little disappointed that the things inside were not for her).

For Baby J's "big" first Christmas present, we got her a set of pretty wooden blocks that we will keep for her when she grows up after she outgrows playing with them, just like we got Little A a wooden rainbow toy last year for her first Christmas.After everyone left on Christmas Day, we took advantage of the unseasonably nice weather, and spent some time outside. E and Little A ran around the backyard for awhile, and all four of us went for a night walk to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood.Besides opening presents, I think her favorite thing about Christmas was the "Ginch" (Grinch). She loves watching the Grinch cartoon. We've watched it several times since Christmas as well. She has a lot of comments while watching like, "uh oh puppy," "happy Ginch," and "Ginch sad." E thinks she is rooting for the Grinch.

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