Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby J is 1 Month!

Baby J celebrated her one month on Christmas. In some ways, it feels like the month flew by, and in other ways, it's difficult to remember what life was like without her here. I can tell you on thing, it is MUCH busier at my house now. It's hard to find time to get things done, and even simple tasks take a lot longer (in order to get ready in the morning, I have a newborn and toddler with me in the bathroom. Baby J in her swing, and Little A in the shower with me. It's rare that I can get us all clean and dressed in under an hour.) There are many days I think it looks like a toy (and blanket) store exploded in my living room.

Baby J has been such an easy going baby for the most part this month. It seems to me that as she's added awake time, that awake time seems to be when Little A is sleeping. I think they have a pact to keep Mommy and Daddy busy all the time. At night, Baby J doesn't like to go to sleep until after midnight, and sometimes much later. When she does sleep, her preferred place to sleep is on Mommy. Which means I'm not getting the best rest, but I do love the baby snuggles. Little A was the same way for awhile, so I think she'll grow out of it soon. I think it will help if we can figure out how to get her spitting up under control. It seems like Baby J has filled out a lot in the past week or so. It's time to pack up all the newborn clothes again, because Baby J is too big. She wears a lot of 0-3 month outfits, and even fits well into a lot of 3 month size outfits. Mommy and Daddy are worried that she's going to grow up fast, just like her big sister did, so we're getting in all of the baby snuggles we can while she'll let us!Because Baby J's 1 month birthday fell on Christmas, E had to bake Baby J's birthday cake. What a sweet Daddy!

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