Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby J at 2 Weeks

At 2 weeks old, Baby J is still quite a sleepy little lady. She does wake up when I change her diaper and clothes, so I grabbed a quick shot of those wide open eyes on her changing table. This is also one of my favorite little baby outfits from Little A. The elephant pajamas are a 0-3 month size which makes me a little sad for two reasons. One, it looking at all of these little clothes that used to fit Little A makes me sad that she's gotten so big. And two, my tiny baby is outgrowing her newborn clothes already and moving up in size (not that I expected her to last long in the newborn clothes with how big she was when she was born).

She's sleeping pretty well at night for just 2 weeks old. She starts the night upstairs in E and my room, and when she gets up to eat for the first time, I take her downstairs and we sleep on the couch for the rest of the night.

We went in for a nurse visit on Friday to make sure Baby J had gotten back up to her birth weight, and she had. Actually, she was an ounce over her birth weight at an even 9 pounds. Baby J spits up a lot after she eats, so I was (am) a little worried about her gaining. The nurse said she was doing a good job gaining though, so I feel a little better. I just wish she was keeping more in!

Baby J is also a very sneezy baby. When she sneezes, it's often four or five sneezes in a row. Little A likes to say, "bless you baby," after Baby J sneezes, which is pretty adorable.

This week we also introduced the bottle. Actually, right at 1 week. I know it's a lot earlier than many people do, but our pediatrician with Little A encouraged us to start early so that E and Little A could have some bonding time, so we wanted him to have that time with Baby J too. Plus, Baby J is going to have to start day care pretty early (2 months old) so we really need her to take a bottle. She takes the night time bottle really well, but it seems to wake her up (we had hoped it would make her extra sleepy).

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