Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1 Week Old

I thought I would start Baby J's pictures in the green chair a little earlier than with Little A to show just how drastic the changes are in the first year. So here she is at just 1 week old.

Baby J's first week went so fast! I know they all will, but this week seemed especially quick. We were in the hospital for two days, and we came home on Sunday. Nana stayed until Wednesday which was a HUGE help! We were all sad to see her leave, especially Little A (she kept asking, "Where Nana is? Where Khloe (Nana's dog) is? after they headed home).

Baby J spent most of the week sleeping. I forgot just how much newborns sleep. Like her big sister, Baby J doesn't like to sleep laying flat. So she sleeps the first few hours of the night in her swing, and the rest of the night she sleeps on Mommy. When she is awake, she's eating. I feel like she's a good eater, but she spits up a lot after she eats. She's also a little "tongue tied," so we are going to take her in again at 2 weeks old to make sure she's gaining weight okay.

Overall, the first week was great! We're all in love with the new addition to our family!

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