Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little J is 2.5!

Ah, my sweet Little J.  Right now you are our wild child.  You're a bundle of energy, and go back and forth between, "Carry me!" and "I do it myself!"  

On Saturday, Miss A had a birthday party, so Daddy and I took you on a special trip to the zoo.  You were so excited to see the kitties, monkeys and the Sparky show.  It was so fun to spend a couple of hours with just our sweet 2.5 year old.

Anything Miss A does, you want to do too.  We recently moved the two of you into the same room, with bunk beds.  The first night, you couldn't quite figure out the ladder to Miss A's bed.  During nap time the next day Miss A came running out of her room to tell me you were in her bed (the first of many times).  You really are our little monkey!

You're talking more and more all the time.  I love it!  One of my favorites is when you tell me, "it's amazing!"  You have such great expression.  You've also started saying, "Yesss," while holding up a clenched fist when you're happy about something.  So funny (and such a big kid move!).  A common (and funny) response when we ask you why you're doing something is, "It's my life."  For example, "Little J, why are you dumping the blocks out?" "It's my life."

You love to be outside.  Your favorite is the big swing in our backyard.  You will stay on that thing for hours if we keep pushing you.  Some of your favorite things to do are to play pretend (you like to pretend to be Mommy), look at books yourself and play with Miss A's Frozen dolls (Well, really you love all things Frozen.  I love listening to you sing along with the soundtrack in the car.  So cute!). You love Sofia the First, mac and cheese, kitties and purple.

We love you Little J!

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  1. awwww .. . I also am a huge fan of the spark show - so fun!!