Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Week...

Last week was a hard week here.  Nothing major.  Just a my kids are totally crazy and won't listen to anything I say kind of crazy.  As in, I asked Miss A to help Little J get a dress to wear while I packed lunch for our picnic, and instead both girls took everything out of the closet and found window coverings to use as skis.  And that was Monday.  By Wednesday I had taken away almost all of the toys after the girls dumped toys all over the floor and Little J's bed, then refused to clean any of them up.

A long week for my first week off work.  The first week in my 14 months off and it was not what I had hoped for.  I had to cancel fun plans because the girls were not following our rules.  I started feeling really anxious about adding a baby to the mix in less than two months.  I know that our schedules have been thrown off, and I'm tired so my patience was down, but it was a hard week.

Friday was better.  Not perfect, but better.  The weekend was better still.  I remembered that the first week of summer break was rough last year too (Little J was climbing EVERYTHING) but the summer got better from there.  We're all starting to get on a summer schedule, so I'm hopeful that our summer will still be great.  And even during the crazy week, they still had some moments of super sweetness and cuteness.


  1. I think you just described parenting in a nut shell - periods of intense frustration all made better by giggles. :)

  2. We spent 9 of 14 days away from home. They handled it pretty well but when we get home it takes forever to get them readjusted. Yesterday they couldn't stand to be together but couldn't stand to be apart either. Needless to say I locked myself in my room by 9am & hubby came down from his office to see what all of the screaming/wailing/noise was. And then when everyone is happy & it feels easy I kind of can't believe we are going back to square 1 again by adding another baby. :)