Friday, April 18, 2014

Snapshot Five

Thursday morning Little J woke up acting strange.  She would cry any time I picked her up or moved her, and refused to move her left arm.  She said her arm 'urt, but couldn't point to a specific place.  Nothing strange happened the night before, so I assumed she slept on it funny or something.  I missed work on Wednesday because of my glucose test (I passed...yay!) so I didn't want to call in last minute.  I got both girls ready and we headed to day care.  Little J fell asleep in the car (very uncommon) and when I tried to get her out of her car seat she was crying again.  I talked to Miss J about her arm, and watched Little J struggle to get in her booster seat by herself, only using her right arm.  Something was clearly bothering her.  I headed to work, and called our clinic as soon as it opened to talk to a nurse.

The nurse I talked to wanted us to come in right away.  She said they didn't have any openings, but the doctor would work her in.  I called the school secretary to have her find subs for me, and got out of school as quickly as I could.  I drove over to day care (thankfully super close to where I work) to pick up the girls to find my sweet little 2 year old running around like her normal little self, carrying around a big plastic Easter egg.  Miss J told me that after about half an hour she started using her arm a little, and then was totally fine.  I called our clinic back to see what they wanted me to do.  The nurse (who was a little cranky with me this time) said that if she really, truly seemed fine then it was okay for us not to come in.  I had Little J show me a bunch of things she could do with her arm, with her smiling and laughing the whole time.  Not the same little girl I had dropped off an hour earlier.  So I left the girls at day care and headed back to work.

I picked the girls up again at our normal time, and headed home for lunch.  We played for a bit, read a story and got Little J ready for her nap.  I went back a couple of times to tell Little J to get back in bed, but after that it got really quiet, so I assumed she was sleeping.  Miss A and I worked on a project, and then I sent her to get ready for nap.

Miss A called to me, "Mommy, Little J is sleeping somewhere that is not her bed."  I walked over to Little J's room to find this:

No wonder little girl has a 'urt arm when this is how she naps!  After such a crazy morning with her, I couldn't believe she climbed up her dresser during nap time!  (Don't worry, I put her back in her bed as soon as I snapped a few pictures.)

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