Thursday, April 10, 2014

House Tour: Kitchen

One of my 33 Before 33 goals was to post a tour of our house.  I actually took these pictures way back last summer, but didn't get around to finishing the post until now.  Oops!  I think I've mentioned before, but we've talked about moving in the not too distant future, so I really want to make sure to document our house.

I'm starting with the kitchen, the room in the house we've done the least work on.  E likes to point out that we've painted every other room at least once, some more than once, in the 6+ years we've been here.  The kitchen has a lot of wood (including a wood ceiling), so the bright green really helps to brighten up the room!
View from the dinning room.
View from the side door.
As you can see, our kitchen is not super big, but not bad for a 1940s home.  At some point there was a small addition built on to the kitchen which adds the space for our kitchen table, play kitchen and built in desk.  I'm very grateful for that extra space and all of the windows!  The play kitchen isn't always in our kitchen (right now it's in our basement playroom), but it can be helpful to keep the girls busy when I'm cooking and cleaning.

For an older home, we also have a lot of cabinets.  When we first moved in I couldn't imagine we'd fill them all up, but it didn't take long.
Back entry way.
One of my deal breakers for our next house is some sort of mud room or entry way.  This is where we normally enter the house, just a small landing before the steps to our basement.  Not much space to get in with two kids and all of our stuff.

I think that's it for our kitchen.  More to come soon!

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  1. I love home tours! I just started one as well…nothing like talks of leaving house to make you want to document it! I'm impressed that you fit your play kitchen and kids table in there - such a great idea for keeping the kids busy while you cook!