Thursday, April 24, 2014

DITL: Spring 2014

I recorded this DITL on Wednesday, April 16.  This was not a normal day for us, though I'm not exactly sure what normal is.  I took almost all of the photos with my iPhone, and edited them with Pic Tap Go (love it!).  Right now Miss A is 4 and Little J is almost 2.5, and I'm 24 weeks pregnant with Baby #3.  

5:45am: My alarm goes off.  Today I got to sleep in!  I have the day off work because I have a doctor's appointment, so we can get ready at a little slower pace.  Normally I shower right away, but today I start with breakfast in hopes that eating early won't mess up my glucose test.  

6:15am: I take a shower and get ready (hair and makeup).  I take awhile to wake up in the morning, so it completely slips my mind that I'm planning to do a DITL today, and I don't take any pictures until after 9am.  Oops!  

6:30am:  Wake up Miss A and turn on a cartoon.  Her current favorite is My Little Pony.  Miss A is a lot like me, and needs some time to wake up before getting ready in the morning.  She is pretty snuggly when she first wakes up, so I take advantage of that to snuggle for a few minutes.

6:45am:  Wake up Miss J and get her dressed.  E is up, so he steals a few snuggles from Little J.  She's in a good mood this morning, and she's singing "Let It Go" as I get her dressed.  I find it on You Tube and play it for her (I should really invest in the soundtrack at this point).  When Little J is dressed she joins Miss A to finish My Little Pony, and I help Miss A get dressed. 

7:00am:  We're out the door and on our way to Miss J's house (day care).  For most appointments, I take the girls with, but I don't want to try to entertain them while I wait for the glucose test.  I have been dreading this test since I set the appointment, so having a little time to myself is helping make it better.

7:30am:  Drop the girls off at day care and head to my doctor's office.  

8:10am:  I'm early to my appointment, and found parking easily (yay!) so I check in on social media before heading in to the office.  

8:30am:  Check in for my appointment and wait to start my glucose test.  Side note, I used to be scared of needles, now I'm worried about drinking an overly sugary fruit punch drink.  A nurse calls me back and I start the test.  I drink my super sweet, flat fruit punch.  Ick!  After I finish the drink, I go back to the waiting room until my actual appointment.

8:50am:  The nurse comes to get me for my regular appointment.  I've gained more weight at this point than I would have liked, but otherwise things are looking good.  When my doctor comes in I talk to her about some of the less pleasant parts of my pregnancy experience.  She recommends Benadryl or Unisom to help my sleep.  She also prescribes me some compression socks (as if having a 3rd child wasn't making me feel old enough!).  I have really bad varicose veins on my left shin.  I had the same thing when I was pregnant with Little J, and they went away after she was born (here's hoping that happens again!).  This time my leg hurts by the time I'm done teaching, so I'm hoping the compression socks will help.  Baby's heartbeat sounds great (around 140)!

9:15am:  Back to the waiting room until my hour is up for the glucose test.  I go through my planners, grade some papers, and read the newspaper while I wait.  

9:35am:  Time for my blood draw.  Glad to have the test done, now just to wait for the results.  I REALLY don't want to do the 3 hour test (or have to manage gestational diabetes).  

9:45am:  I'm done and heading back to my car.  I walk out in what looks like/feels like some sort of April blizzard.  There is so much snow!  I am not happy.  I get to my car and start heading back toward day care.  

10:30am:  I have a little extra time, so I decide to stop a Target to finish up some Easter shopping.  It is so peaceful to go shopping by myself!  In a bit of wishful thinking, the Easter Bunny has decided to bring lots of summer supplies in Easter baskets (and skip the candy for the girls).  One of the things E gave up for Lent this year was candy, so I pick up some treats for his Easter basket too! 

11:15am:  I get to day care to pick up the girls.  They love playing with their friends so much!  I'm happy that there is no snow near day care.  We drive back home.

11:45am:  We're home, and while it's not snowing, there is snow on the ground.  Grrrr.  The girls think it is awesome because one, they're a little Frozen obsessed right now, and two, they love eating snow.  

11:50am:  The girls play in the living room while I get lunch and laundry started.  

12:15pm:  Lunch time!  Today the girls are having chicken nuggets, clementines and bananas.  I'm having the fruit and some leftover ham and cheese pasta from last night.  For some reason they did not like dinner last night, even though it's pretty much mac and cheese with ham in it... both things they normally love.

12:45am:  Project time.  I saw this Block Party Kit on clearance at Target a few months ago and picked it up figuring we could do something with it.  We're having a baby shower for my brother and SIL soon, so I thought this would be a fun project for the girls to do for their new little cousin.  I got everything set up, the girls started, and... most of the paints were totally dried out.  Major project fail.  I had some acrylic paints from a previous project that they used to do a little, but not enough for all of the blocks.  Each girl finished a block, and we called it a day.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the blocks now...

1:10pm:  Time to clean up from the project.  I think the girls trying to wash their hands is pretty cute.  When their hands are clean(ish), they go play.  We crawl around the living room play kitties... not surprising with Little J.  Miss A cries because she wants to play something different.  

1:30pm:  Little J and I get her ready for rest time.  Quick Mommy/Little J selfie.  I change her diaper, read a story and tuck her in (with about a thousand kisses).  

1:40pm:  Miss A time.  She colors a picture for me to take to work (Yay!  Normally pictures are only for  Daddy.)  and practices her name.  I check my email, and have a message from my doctor.  Passed the glucose test!  So happy!  I also take a few notes on the day so far.

2:00pm:  Now for Miss A's rest time.  I read her a story and give her 2 tokens (if she still has one at the end of rest time she gets a sticker for her chart).  

2:10pm:  Both girls are quiet, so it's time for me to have a treat (Diet Coke and Rolos) and get some work done.  I napped Monday and Tuesday, so today I really need to be productive.  I clean up lunch, the kitchen and my purse while listening to Best Life Ever Podcast (Heather and Julie are awesome!).  I also fit in an episode of Stuff You Missed In History Class while ordering a patch for our air mattress, paying some bills and checking in with work stuff.  Then I take a little time to check in on social media and read a few blogs.  I check outside and the snow is gone!  Yay!

4:00pm:  I get both girls up from their rest time.  I say rest time, because there was no napping today. This should be an interesting night.  Little J almost always naps, and tonight is a late night for us because of swimming lessons.  Miss A did keep one of her tokens, so she gets a sticker for her chart.  If she gets 10 stickers this week she gets donuts on Saturday morning.  The girls decide to play in the playroom while I fold some laundry.  Laundry note: I have fully embraced Laura at Navigating the Mothership's organizational tip to skip folding kid clothes.  Seriously, it has been a huge time saver for me, and makes me much less cranky when I find that the girls have taken everything out of their drawers.  It might make my mom crazy, but it's working for me ;)

5:15pm:  E is home!  Yay!  The girls are excited to see Daddy, and they all snuggle up on the couch for a cartoon.  We try to limit TV time, but they do get to watch a show sometime between nap time and dinner most days.  The afternoon is Little J's pick, and not surprisingly she picks Sofia the First.  I go upstairs to spend a little time on the elliptical and try to catch up on Scandal.  I am so far behind right now!

5:45pm:  I start making dinner.  Tonight we're having spaghetti.  Little J injures herself and runs to Mommy for some snuggles.  Not super easy to cook with a 2 year old, but I make it work.   

6:10pm:  Time for dinner.  Everyone sits down to eat.  We talk about what everyone did during the day.  The girls actually eat quite a bit tonight, and pretty quickly too.  Good thing because it's time to get ready for swimming lessons.

6:30pm:  I get the girls ready for swimming while E gets ready too.  I put the girls in their suits with pajamas over the top.  

6:45pm:  We leave to walk over to the elementary school where the girls take swimming lessons.  We're really lucky that the school is less than a block from our house, so we can get there and back really easily.  I signed the girls up for the spring session thinking it would be good weather for walking.  Not tonight.  Tonight it is snowing and slick.  

7:00pm:  Swimming lessons start.  The girls have swimming lessons at the same time.  Miss A is in the big kid Waders class, and Little J is in the Tiny Tots class with E.  I hang out in the pool area to watch and help when swimming lessons are done.  Miss A loves to show me how she can go under water, and Little J's favorite part is jumping in to Daddy. 

7:25pm:  Swimming lessons are done.  I take both girls in the locker room to shower them off and get them dressed.  Straight to pajamas tonight so they can go to bed as soon as we get home.

7:45pm:  It's a whirlwind of craziness when we get home.  We have been trying to get the girls in bed by 7:30pm most nights and we've already passed that.  We brush teeth and get both girls tucked in bed.  We normally read a few stories before bed, but have to skip that tonight because it's late and the girls didn't nap.  

8:00pm:  Both girls are in bed, so I clean up dinner while E does some work.  When the kitchen is clean, I get more laundry to fold and a treat, Thin Mints... yum!

8:20pm:  E and I watch Parks & Rec while I fold laundry.  Then I put my feet up and relax for a bit.  I really love every character in Parks & Rec.  Such a great show!

9:00pm:  We head upstairs to get ready for bed.  I iron E's shirt for the next day and pick out my clothes for work.  Little J is restless so I check on her while I brush my teeth.

I think I'm sleeping by 10ish, up again a little after 11, then sleep on and off until I'm up for good a little after 5am.  Not the best night of sleep.  Time to get up and start Thursday.  Here's how Thursday went.  Like I said at the beginning, not sure what "normal" really is.


  1. I love Miss A's hair so much!! Whenever you post a picture I am reminded of how I used to always be jealous of curly hair. The grass is always greener of course, and I know most curly-haired people sometimes wish their was straight :) Glad you passed the glucose test - such a relief!

    1. Erin, so funny that you used to be jealous of curly hair, because I wanted straight hair forever. It's only recently that I've embraced my curly hair. I'm hoping Miss A likes hers more!

  2. I feel like I already commented on this? Sorry if this is a duplicate! Anyway, we love Parks and Rec too! So sad this was the last season :(
    Boo for compression socks - I had to wear those for my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. Actually I had to wear these compression stockings that went from my belly to ankle (like spanks but tighter). They were totally ridiculous and the reason I can't imagine ever being pregnant again! But I literally couldn't walk without them by the end of my pregnancies. Hope it's not so bad for you.
    Thanks for sharing your day :)

    1. I'm glad I'm only needing knee high socks so far. I can't imagine having to wear much more, especially when summer comes! We've talked about maybe/possibly having a 4th, but right now I can't imagine being pregnant again!

  3. So many things here! 1) I had no issues with the 1 hour glucose test, but thought I might die during the 3 hour, so glad that went well ;) 2) I just finished season 2 of Scandal on Netflix and I NEED to see season 3 now! 3) What the heck MN spring??? I'm over it. 4) Stuff You Missed In History Class is a favorite of mine. Great post!

    1. I've fallen behind on season 3, so I'm hoping it is on Netflix soon too!

      My doctor said when she was pregnant she was willing to monitor her glucose levels every day rather than take the 3 hour test if it had been necessary. That made me feel a little better about being worried about having to do it again ;)

  4. Oh, we have Frozen Fever in our house. I picked up the soundtrack for our daughter as part of her Easter basket and she was delighted beyond words.

    I hear so many people talking about Scandal - guess I better check it out.

    1. I finally caved in and got the soundtrack last week, and it has been on nearly non-stop repeat!

  5. Yay for passing the glucose test!

    I won't ever fold kids' clothes either. I used to hang all the girls' stuff up in their closets but not anymore. Now they have one big drawer for tops, and one big drawer for bottoms, and everything except their nicest outfits go in those. I might fold them in half once and that's it, but I don't even know why I bother.

    1. It is seriously saving me so much time to skip folding their clothes. I still hang some things, but less all the time.