Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Twosday Six: Little J

Fun Birthday Events

  1. Minnie Mouse birthday party with family and friends on Saturday.
  2. Trip to MOA for rides and birthday dinner.

Favorite Foods
  1. This girl absolutely loves cheese.  She will stand in front of the refrigerator yelling, "Cheese! Cheese!"  It reminds me an awful lot of my grandpa.  
  2. For the longest time, Little J has also had a fondness for broccoli.  It's very strange to me.  When we get broccoli at the store, or she sees me getting it ready for dinner, she'll do a little stomping broccoli cheer.  (On the other hand she refused to eat any of her cupcake at her birthday party.)
Favorite Books
  1. Where is Tico?  One of our many Dora books, Little J has been very attached to this book in recent weeks.  
  2. Goodnight Moon.  Little J likes to find the kitties on each page when we read this book.  Our copy is currently being held together with masking tape, so we may need a replacement soon.
Favorite Phrases
  1. "I ok!"  Little J is, well, still little, so there are lots of falls around our house.  Most times she falls, but lets us know, "I ok!" before trying it again.
  2. "I do it!"  Our little 2 year old is becoming quite independent.  She wants to do things herself, and will let you know about it.  Occasionally I forget to let he shut the refrigerator door, and it leads to a serious meltdown.  Other things she most wants to do herself include climb in and buckle her chair and buckle her seat belt.  
Favorite Shows
  1. Sofia the First: This was Miss A's favorite for awhile, so Little J jumped on the princess bandwagon.  Now Miss A has moved on to Doc McStuffins, but Little J still loves "bia."  This is the only show that she will sit and watch the whole 20 minutes by herself.
  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  This used to be her favorite, but has been taken over by Sofia.  She does love the hot dog dance at the end of each episode, and her hot dog dance is super cute!
Favorite Animals
  1. Kitties
  2. Puppies
Bedtime Must Haves
  1. Brown and pink blankie.  I had to take blankie away for a couple days last week when pink eye hit our house, and it was no good.  I let her pick out some other blankets to use, but she was not happy about it.
  2. Puppy.  E picked up a couple of stuffed puppies at a work conference a couple years ago.  Little J has latched on to those puppies.  I'm thankful we have two, and Miss A doesn't seem to mind that Little J gets to have both of them!
Mommy's Favorites
  1. Post nap time snuggles.  Little J still takes awesome afternoon naps, and gives the biggest, best hugs right after I get her out of her crib.  She usually likes to snuggle for a big after she wakes up, and I'm more than happy to steal that time.
  2. Little J has a sneaky smile that comes out when she's doing something a little bit sassy.  I kind of love it, even if it generally means she's doing something she shouldn't be doing.  She's a little more adventurous that Miss A was at her age, so I think she'll be keeping us very busy this year (and probably for many years after).
Daddy's Favorites
  1. One of Little J's other favorite phrases, "Watch this, Daddy, watch this!"  She will keep saying it over and over until someone acknowledges her.  Sometimes she has something she's planning to do, like jump or spin, but sometimes after Daddy says ok, she has to come up with something to do.  
  2. Little J the copy cat.  Whatever Miss A does, Little J will copy.  If Miss A runs in the other room, Little J follows.  If Miss A jumps and falls on her butt, Little J jumps and falls on her butt too.  It's really sweet to see how much she wants to be just like her big sister.

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