Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It's rare that I can convince Miss A and Little J to sit together and smile for a picture.  This is about as close as it gets.  So I like this picture.  I like seeing my sweet girls play together nicely. 

And they do play together well... most of the time.  Over the past month, though, there has been one argument that I've heard almost daily, sometimes even more frequently.  It is an argument most often started on our car ride home.  Here's how the argument goes,

Little J: "Boy."

Miss A:  "I'm not a boy."

Little J:  "Boy."

Miss A:  "I AM NOT A BOY!"

Little J: "Boy."  (by this point she is usually smiling and/or laughing)

Miss A:  "I am not a boy, I'm a girl!"

And it continues.

I used to try to step in, explain to Miss A that Little J is just saying boy, not calling her a boy.  Or tell Miss A to ignore Little J and Little J will stop.  My reasoning changed nothing.  So now I just sit back and laugh while my (almost) 2 year old picks on her big sister (but seriously, how does she understand how to push her big sister's buttons so young?!).

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