Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites: Children's Books

  1. Harold and the Purple Crayon, Crockett Johnson
    • This is one of the first paper books Miss A would ask to read.  The illustrations are basic, but perfect for little people to follow the story of Harold's adventure.
  2. The Very Best Daddy of All, Marion Dane Bauer
    • We've gotten E a few Daddy books for Father's Day.  I add a picture of Daddy with his girls on the last page.  It makes the books extra fun!
  3. Josie the Giraffe, Nicola Baxter
    • This will be a new addition to our collection (for Little J's birthday next week).  She loves giraffes and the paper seems pretty tough, always good with two year old.
  4. A is for Annabelle, Tasha Tudor
    • I think books with the child's name in them are extra special, so I search names on Amazon, and see what I can find.  We currently have 3 books with Miss A's name and 3 with Little J's name.  Miss A especially loves to read the books with her name in them.  She was "helping" me get a photo, and asked if we could say one of the giraffes was A too.  
  5. A Book of Sleep, Il Sung Na
    • I love the illustrations in this book. The owl visits a bunch of animals while they're sleeping at night.  It's fun to see how the animals sleep and try to find the owl on each page.
  6. My Garden, Kevin Henkes
    • I actually like all of the Kevin Henkes books we've read, but this one is my favorite.  The little girl in this story talks about helping her mom in the garden, and imagines her own amazing garden.
  7. The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Suess
    • It's a classic for a reason.  I had this one basically memorized for awhile, as did Miss A.
  8. Barnyard Dance, Susan Boynton
    • Another author that I love, especially for the really little ones.  These were some of the first books we read with the girls.  They're really fun, and have a great rhythm. 
  9. Miss Spider's Tea Party, David Kirk
    • This is one of Nana's favorite books, because it has great, bright illustrations.  We also have the iPad app, which is great and free!
  10. Little Blue Truck, Alice Schertle
    • Such a fun little trip with the little blue truck and all his animal friends.  Little J loves all of the animal noises throughout the book.
  11. Give Me Grace
    • This is a sweet prayer book, with one prayer for each day of the week.  We read the daily prayer with the girls after we finish their stories, just before bed.  The illustrations are nice and bright too!
  12. The Snowy Day, Ezra Jack Keats
    • Another classic children's book, and while I love the story, I also love the size of this book.  The one we have is about 9x12 and still a board book.  Perfect for reading as a family.  
  13. Baby Giggles
    • Both girls have pretty much outgrown this book, but still read it occasionally.  It's perfect for babies, who seem to love looking at other babies.


  1. Little blue truck is one of our favs too. And fun fact - Marion Dane Bauer is my cousin!!