Monday, November 4, 2013

Little Ones and Little Things

One of the things I planned to do this fall was some sort of thankful project with the girls.  I thought about a few different project to do, but hadn't gotten anything ready yet.  Then Miss A came home from Sunday School last week with a November project, and I saw Savvy Julie's 30 Days of the Little Things Challenge, so I decided we'll do those this month.  One for Miss A and one for me.

Miss A's Sunday School teacher sent home a big November Calendar (it takes up most of the top of our refrigerator) and some guidelines for what the kids should do.  Each day, the kids pick one person, pet or thing to pray for.  Miss A tells me what she wants to pray for that day, and I write it in the box on the calendar.  Then Miss A colors around the name in the box.  She also decided her boxes need some stickers.  The instruction sheet gives Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth (there's an edition for adults and another for kids) as a good source for other ideas.

And I have to share a quick, sweet story about Miss A.  As E was getting to Sunday School to pick Miss A up last week, all the kids were meeting together in a big group.  E could hear what was going on, but Miss A couldn't see him.  The teacher asked everyone to say one thing they were thankful for, and of course Miss A said her Daddy.  You can see Daddy was her first choice on her calendar too.  She is a Daddy's girl, no doubt about it.

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  1. LOVE that story at the end. Heart melting :D Such a fun project to do!