Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twosday Five

I love Heather's Twosdays, and I've also been enjoying Becky's (and Katie's) Treat Yourself Tuesdays, so I thought I would do a mix of the two today.  With a few pictures from our family date night thrown in, because I love them.

Ways I Treated Myself Last Weekend
  1. Shopping at Primp.  I love that the store is what the tagline says, cheap chic boutique.  I have some events to go to for E's work, and I love being able to find cute things at reasonable prices. 
  2. Girls' night with friends from work
Items Purchased at Primp
  1. Navy Henry Martin sweater dress
  2. Sparkly champagne colored necklace
Stops during Saturday Night's Girls' Night
  1. Bonfire for appetizers and drinks.
  2. Cafe Latte for dessert.  I had the chocolate chocolate cake.  It was SO good!
Other Ways I've Treated Myself Recently
  1. Painted my nails with my current favorite, Essie Parka Perfect.  I get compliments every time I use it.
  2. Archer Farms Sea Salt Caramel Hot Cocoa served at a "tea party" with Miss A, Baby E and Baby E's Mommy.
Recent Stops on Our Family Date Night- Still a Treat for Me :)
  1. Cossetta.  This is a great place for dinner with the kids because you pick out your food cafeteria style (no waiting), it's noisy (kids aren't disruptive), they serve pizza (kids will eat) and there's a lot of space (again, no waiting).  Plus the food is super tasty!
  2. Minnesota Children's Museum.  The White Room was seriously awesome (see pictures above!).  The girls loved painting the walls, and painting/playing the piano!  It maybe be my favorite exhibit I've been to at the MCM, and I love most things at the MCM!
Ways I Plan to Celebrate World Kindness Day (Tomorrow!)
  1. Treats for coworkers.
  2. Positive notes home to parents.


  1. Love love love cafe latte - drool!!! And I love cossettas - such a great place! 2 St. Paul staples. :)

    1. For sure! Our waiter at Bonfire asked about desserts, and we thought, why have desserts there when Cafe Latte is next door?!

  2. love the way you blended these two together :)