Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

About a month ago, Miss A informed me that she was going to be a bad witch for Halloween.  I wasn't fully prepared for her to start choosing her own costume so soon.  And it really surprised me when she said witch (I would have guessed princess, though there was an episode of Sofia with a witch).  Miss A already had a black tutu, shirt and sweatshirt, and we bought tights, a hat and a broom to go with it.  I wanted to make some part of her costume, so we picked out some cute Halloween fabric together and I made her a cape.   

As I've mentioned before, I have no sewing skills.  Learning to sew is consistently on my to do list, but it seems like every time I get the sewing machine out, it ends in a fight that the sewing machine wins.  But I do like to make the girls their Halloween costumes.  So I've gotten really good at figuring out no-sew versions.  For Miss A's cape I used the sewing tape that you iron.  I folded the fabric over a few inches at the top, and put a ribbon in so I would have a way to tie it.  She loved her costume.  She was happy to fly around on her broom and put hexes on people.  

I still got to pick Little J's costume, and when I saw this cute lion costume on Pinterest, I decided that would be a fun costume for her.  I loved the idea even more after we taught Little J to roar.  So cute!  For the lion mane, I tied pieces of yarn around a headband and for the arm and leg bands I used hair bands.  I picked 3 colors of thick yarn and tied pieces on two at a time so it would be a thicker mane.  I intended for Little J to wear the headband up on her head, like in the top pictures, but around her neck worked too (and she left it on that way).  Little J thought trick-or-treating was awesome this year, and ran from house to house.  At the door she would say, "or treat" and then "thank you" when she got her candy.  As soon as we got home she dumped out her bag, picked out a sucker, unwrapped it and stuck it in her mouth.  She really is getting big!

Also, thought I'm not normally a fan of the scary side of Halloween (I'm really a baby) some of these attractions look pretty interesting!

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  1. Love their outfits - so adorable!! And love that J roars - I love when Luke does that too!!