Thursday, April 22, 2010

4 Weeks

Little Baby A is 4 weeks old today. And this past week has been a busy one.

Grandma Tina and Great Grandma Sue came to visit us last weekend. It was really wonderful to have 4 generations together. I love the relationship I have with my mom and grandma, and I hope my little girl has that connection too. Great Grandma brought a picture of her as a baby with her mom and grandma. It was so neat to see (and my grandma's cousin Annabelle was running around in the background. We didn't even know it was a family name when we picked it). Great Grandma also brought Baby A her first piggy bank, with her name, Princess, on it.

We had our first "date night" out with Baby A. E and I went out to dinner near our house. We had Mexican food and I had my first drink since finding out I was preggo. It was very tasty. Luckily Baby A slept through dinner, which to me equaled success. I also took Baby A in to E's office so he could show off his little princess. Later the same day Baby A got to go to her first book club meeting. She did really well with both trips. She tends to be a happy baby, especially if someone is holding her.

Thanks to Miss Heather for the cute onsie (one of many pieces of owl themed clothing Baby A received this week). Miss Heather also sent Baby A her first piece of "fun mail", a sweet note card letter, that left Mommy a little teary eyed.


  1. Danielle! She is just beautiful and you look great and also like you are enjoying being a mom. :) So happy for you!

  2. my heart is warm :)

    love that photo of grandma sue & grandma tina with mama and baby! so precious :) xoxoxo