Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just for Miss Heather

In honor of our Heather's birthday Baby A wore her (borrowed) I heart NY onsie. We are wishing Heather a year of wonderfulness and sending lots of love to Scotia!

Baby A didn't quite understand that I was trying to include her onsie in the outfit, so she kept covering the letters with her hands. I guess she might be a little tired of Mom taking a million pictures of her.


  1. Miss Heather is VERY THANKFUL for Baby A and Mama :) Today I was finishing up my "While I was 26" list in the green books and "Became Miss Heather to a beautiful Baby A" was at the top of the list!!!


  2. So cute and clearly she knew she was honoring Miss Heather - she just thought herself was the important part, not the shirt ;-)

  3. Um... I have to edit my comment --- she just thought she was the important part, not the shirt
    (let's nix herself) - sorry, my grammar side just read the comment and went ack