Thursday, May 29, 2014

House Tour: Living Room

When we first moved in to our house (back in 2007) the one thing I knew, as far as paint colors, was that I wanted to paint the living room red.  We had white furniture (that sounds really funny now) and a big living room, so my heart was set on red.  So I painted it red.  I never loved how the color turned out, and after trading our white furniture for a brown sectional, I convinced E that we needed a new color.  I was able to find a shade just a couple lighter than the tan we used in our dining room so the two rooms would flow together well.  I love how it has brightened up the room!

On to the tour.  Coming in through our front door you are in our living room, with our dining room through the arch.  Just inside the front door there's a small closet to the left where we keep our coats and shoes.  As you walk strait in there's a stool and an armoire that holds our TV.
As you'll notice throughout this room, and really our whole house, I love photos of our family, and they are featured throughout our house.  I especially love the big photo of the four of us from fall 2012. 
As you walk further into the room, the main living space is to your right.  We have a great big sectional that is perfect for our (growing) family.  The pillows came with it, and are near the top of my list for things to make/replace.  On the shelf next to the sectional we keep a vase from our honeymoon, digital frame, adult books, kid books, a basket of blocks and a basket of dolls (currently featuring Anna, Elsa and Kristoff).
Above the sectional, more family photos :)

Just inside the front door to the right is the card catalog that E got me for my 30th birthday.  The top half of the drawers are filled with my craft supplies, the bottom half are empty due to mischievous little ones.  The start of E's globe collection is on top, along with more photos of the girls and a plant a friend gave us as a housewarming gift (and I'm very proud to say is still alive!).

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  1. Wow, your couch really is huge! I wish we had purchased a sectional for one of our living rooms. Next time :) Great wall color - I have a go-to beige called Litchfield gray that I always use when I'm having trouble picking the perfect color. It looks so different in different light, so even though it's in MANY rooms of our home, it looks different in each one. Love that card catalogue - such a cool piece!