Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Teacups

Earlier this spring, I shared about Miss A's Tea Party.  One of the activities for the kids at the party was to decorate their own tea cups. I bought the tea cups for the girls to decorate before getting RSVPs for the party, so I ended up with a few extras.  Instead of returning them, I decided they would make fun, easy DIY gifts for the grandmas (and myself... there was one cup left).  So if you're a grandma, stop reading now.  

I wrote We (Heart) Grandma/Nana/Mommy on each tea cup, then Miss A decorated the cup, and Little J decorated the plate.  We used the Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers, which we still had from Miss A's party.

After the girls decorated the cups, I baked them to set the color (this post gives a good description of what to do).  Looking back, I probably would have skipped the baking step for this project.  The colors got a little darker after baking the cups, and the pink and purple now look a lot alike.  Since these tea cups aren't for regular use, it probably would have been fine to skip the baking.  We also might have been able to use regular Sharpie markers because the cups won't be washed regularly.  

With the tea cups decorated, we headed to a local garden center to pick out some plants.  I am not great at keeping plants alive, so we waited until this week to add the plants to the cups.  Miss A picked out the plant she wanted for each cup.  We went with succulents, hoping they will survive well in the tea cups.  

Here is our final product.  I think they look pretty cute.  Hopefully the grandmas will like them too!

Have a great Mother's Day this weekend!


  1. These are really cute! What a nice Mother's Day gift. I just saw a thing the other day about making your own terrarium with succulent plants. I like these handmade pots much better. :)

    Love your bright blue picnic table as well! Did you paint it that color? We have an old table at our cabin that I was thinking about sanding/painting a bright color for summer. Very cute.

    1. Thanks, Heather!

      I did paint the picnic table. My daughter really wanted the picnic table to be purple for awhile, but I eventually convinced her of this color. It did get pretty dirty over the winter, so it will probably need another coat now that the weather is nice.