Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby #3: Week 27

Little J is swinging in the background... I think she spent over 2 hours swinging on Sunday!

Due date: August 2nd.  Just about 3 months to go!

What I'm loving:  It stopped raining just in time for the weekend, so we were able to spend a lot of time outside.  Much needed by the whole family!  I also had a really good week last week where I felt good most days and had energy.  I only had to nap one day.  With the extra energy, I was able to get a lot done last week.  I sent this picture to Heather on Sunday night, because I was so proud of myself for actually finishing my weekly to do list!  I can't remember the last time that happened.

What I'm looking forward to:  My mom is coming to visit this weekend, which is always a lot of fun.  Now that it's May, I can actually see the end of the school year in sight too!  I'm excited to have a little time with just the girls to squeeze in some summer fun before baby joins us.

What I'm missing:  Sleeping through the night.  I'm up at least once every night.  Sometimes I can fall right back to sleep, sometimes I'm up for quite awhile.

How I'm feeling:  Overall, I'm feeling pretty good right now.  My legs bother me if I'm on my feet for too long, but wearing compression socks has helped on bad days.

Exercise:  Still getting 3 to 4 days a week of cardio, a mix of elliptical and run/walks.   I feel so much better when I'm consistently exercising, but the elliptical is driving me a little crazy.  I'm hoping the weather stays nice so we can get out on some evening walks.

What I miss:  Real runs.  I'm glad I've still been able to run a little, but I miss being able to run my whole route without needing to stop to walk.
Cravings/Aversions:  No major aversions right now, thankfully!  I've managed to cut back on the sugary cereal too :)  I have been craving lots of fresh fruit, especially strawberries and pineapple.

Diet:  I've been eating much better for the past few weeks.  Less sugar and many more freggies.

Differences between pregnancies:  This pregnancy still feels a little harder than my first two, but maybe I've blocked out the rough parts of the first two :)  I'm a little worried about what the summer months will bring.

Other Thoughts:  I'm at a point where I'm noticing that my belly is getting in my way.  I worked on cleaning out some closets last week, and squeezing in to small spaces is not so easy anymore.  Same for getting up after crawling around on the ground.

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  1. Such a cute belly!! And I love the swinging in the background. :)