Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Twosday Eleven

Two Major To Do Before Baby Items Crossed Off the List Over the Past Week

  1. Bunk Beds!  E built a top bunk and added it to the bed he previously built for Miss A, so we now have both girls sleeping in the big girl room.  There's a lot of chatting in the room when the girls are supposed to be resting, but hopefully that will get better as they get used to sleeping in the same room. 
  2. New Car!  My car wasn't going to work for 3 car seats, so while Miss A and Little J spent a few days with my parents, E and I took advantage to do some car shopping.  We ended up with a 2008 GMC Acadia.  Considering I was driving a 1998 vehicle, this is a big upgrade, and such a relief to have it done!  
Two Ways I Treated Myself While the Girls Were Gone
  1. Lunch at Panera, one of my favorite spots.  The Asiago cheese bagels are so tasty!
  2. A new haircut.  I've been going to The Hive Salon in Minneapolis for about a year now, and it's an awesome spot, especially if you have curly hair.  I saw Jen this time, and she did a great job getting my hair ready for summer.   

Happy Hour Spots Visited While Girls Were Gone
Two New to Us Spots We Checked Out on Friday Night
  1. The Fulton Tap Room.  It seems like tap rooms are all over right now, so we thought we'd check one out before dinner.  I appreciated that they had hand crafted sodas along with the beer.  I had passion fruit lemonade (yum) while E enjoyed the beer.
  2. Butcher and the Boar.  We've been hearing so many good things about this restaurant, but I've never been able to get reasonable reservations before.  I'm so glad we could this time.  The food was amazing!  We had dinner inside, which was great, but there was also a nice outdoor area for drinks and a more casual menu.
Two Little Girls Loving on Their New Cousin, Baby JR (and Practicing for August)


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! I hope Adelle's turns into something like that as she gets older - right now it's WAY frizzier as she naps and it gets all messy :(
    Love the girls bunk beds! So fun for them :)

    1. My A's hair gets all crazy after naps too! I use lots of conditioner and mousse to keep her hair (semi) under control. I know some people with curly hair can go days without washing/conditioning, but I have to wash mine every day to have something manageable.

  2. Love the bunk beds, and glad you guys got to get out to some fun places while you were kid-free! Butcher & the Boar IS so amazing - I really want to try their patio sometime this summer!

  3. Your hair is fantastic! And I love the bunk beds.

    Also, THE LOCAL!!! :D I love when I read about places I know in your sharing about life!

    and, ummm... the photos of the littles with B's little!? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  4. Building bunk beds are on our to do list too! We have the wood & a plan I found via pinterest so hopefully they turn out. We also have an 08' Acadia and I love it!! My hubby has been driving it for work since our other car is too old for his work program but we are shopping now too! Can't fit 3 kids a Taurus but hoping to fit them when needed into an impala. Anyyyyyways can't wait to have my Acadia back 100% of the time!!

    1. So glad to hear a positive review of the Acadia! We also have a Ford Fusion, which can fit 3 car seats, but is really tight. I hope you get to have your car back soon!

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