Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twosday: Miss A is 4!

I both can't believe we are celebrating Miss A's 4th birthday today, and can't believe she's only been here for 4 years.  She is a sweet little thing, though she also test my patience daily.  I asked her some questions yesterday, on her last day as a 3 year old.  Below are her answers, and some of my favorite pictures of her from the past year. I should add, as I asked her these questions Miss A was wearing her new Princess Sofia shirt, black leggings, a Twins helmet, a yellow Apple Bottom dress (from her dress up collection... perfect for Belle, but still makes me laugh. Every. Time.) and dress up Belle heels, doing a ribbon dance with her new wand.
Miss A at her 3rd birthday party.
Celebrating her 3rd birthday with a special date to the Children's Museum.
Favorite Movie
  1. Frozen. I don't' see this changing any time soon. She is obsessed.  Like most other little girls I know.  
  2. Curious George Movie. This is the most recent movie we've watched, which is probably why it made the list. 

Favorite Princesses
  1. Belle
  2. Tangled
Favorite Shows
  1. My Little Pony. As soon as we got Netflix, Miss A fell in love with My Little Pony.  Every morning this is her choice to watch while we get ready for the day.  
  2. Doc McStuffins. Still a favorite since her 3.5 year interview. She has her own Doc McStuffins doctor kit to give checkups, a stuffed lamb she sometimes dresses up in a pink tutu and now her own Stuffy to give checkups.  

Favorite Ponies
  1. Princess Celestia
  2. Pinky Pie
  3. Rarity
Favorite Foods
  1. Strawberries
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly on bread (not toast)
  3. Mac & Cheese
Favorite Colors
  1. Pink
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
Favorite Toys
  1. Dollhouse
  2. Dress up clothes
Favorite Books
  1. A is for Annabelle
  2. Poem Book (Where the Sidewalk Ends).  Side note: yesterday after her rest time, she brought us the book with a poem she really wanted to read... Sister for Sale.  

Favorite Things To Do
  1. Read books
  2. Snuggle

Favorite Songs
  1. Let It Go
  2. For the First Time in Forever
  3. Love is an Open Door
How We've Celebrated Her Birthday So Far
  1. Cake and presents from Nana and Papa when they visited early.
  2. Butterfly Tea Party with friends.
  3. Daddy Daughter Date to the Mall of America.  Rides, lunch and a trip to Build A Bear to make a giant Pinky Pie.
Plans to Celebrate Her Birthday Today
  1. Visit to the library.  It is still too cold (for me) to do any outdoor activities.
  2. Dinner out, Miss A's choice.  She's very excited to be in charge. 
Mommy's Favorite Things To Do With Miss A

  1. Read books.  She loves to read, and she'll snuggle nicely when we read to her.  I'm happy to read to her, or watch her read with Daddy.  
  2. Make projects.  I've really had a lot of fun recently playing with Miss A while Little J starts her nap.  I especially like the days she wants to do projects.  It's fun to see her create.  And I love that her pictures are starting to look like real things now.
Daddy's Favorite Things to Do with Miss A
  1. Show her new things.  Any new things.  Daddy showed her the stars this winter.  One night this winter, Daddy showed her the stars.  I caught them both laying the snow, looking up at the stars, talking about them.  
  2. Snuggle and watch cartoons.  (I think they're pretty cute together.)

Things She Needs to Sleep at Night
  1. Lamby
  2. Fuzzy (a blanket our neighbor made for her when she was first born)
Miss A was SO excited that Lamby got to be included in a picture.

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