Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's a...


We had our big ultrasound on Tuesday, and baby looks healthy (and super cute if you ask me).  I had my regular OB visit following the ultrasound, and my doctor said everything looks good and baby is measuring right on time.  

With both Miss A and Little J, we found out baby's gender at the ultrasound, but this time around we decided to wait to find out when baby is born.  You can see more on Little J's gender reveal here.  I'm not sure exactly what made us decide to wait this time.  I had been thinking about it myself, but before I said anything to E he brought it up.  Since that quick conversation, the decision pretty much stuck.

I have two friends at work who didn't find out baby's gender at the ultrasound with their last babies.  One who told me it was really fun, and very emotional when baby was born.  The other said it drove her crazy.  Hopefully I'm not going crazy this summer that I don't know if baby is a he or a she.

The only problem with not knowing baby's gender is that we now have to come up with a boy name and a girl name.  Picking names is not an easy task for us (it was a hospital decision with both girls).  Hopefully we can figure out names before baby is born this time around!


  1. Congrats on a great ultrasound! We found out with our 1st and 3rd, but our 2nd was a surprise. I was the one who wanted to experience the surprise, my husband always wants to find out. Honestly though, I was just SO HAPPY that the baby was out and healthy, it wasn't even on my mind that we didn't know the sex when she was born. It wasn't' until they announced it that I realized we still didn't know. But I know so many people who say it is the best surprise of their life! For me, the birth is just so exciting anyway that finding out the sex felt sort of secondary. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts after s/he is here!

    1. Funny, our 2nd was the one I REALLY wanted to know for. I've heard from others that finding out the gender was secondary during the birth. We just thought we'd try something different. Hopefully I'm not driving myself crazy in July!

  2. So fun!! And I am so glad that US went well and looked good. :)