Thursday, March 13, 2014

Big Girl Bed

Last weekend we moved Little J into her "big girl bed."  Really, we just took the side off of her crib so she can get in and out by herself.  She was very excited.  She told E, "I love it! I love it!" and climbed in to snuggle her guys when he showed her that he took the side off the crib.  

The plan in coming months is for Little J to share a room with Miss A... bunk beds are coming soon!  We decided that it would (hopefully) be easier to get Little J used to sleeping in a big girl bed in her own room first, where there are fewer distractions, and move her to Miss A's room later this spring.  

So far (fingers crossed!) things are going really well.  Little J stays in her bed, for the most part, and has still been napping and going to bed at night really well.  I was able to sneak in, open a window, take  a bunch of pictures, close the window and sneak back out without Little J minding a bit.  The one funny thing she has been doing is getting out of bed to switch her socks during nap time.  Every day I get her up from nap she's wearing different socks than when I put her in there.  Such a silly girl.