Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DITL: February 27, 2014

I have been wanting/planning to do a Day In The Life post for months and months, but every day I plan to do a DITL post, I forget to start taking pictures until well afternoon.  This time I remembered my plan around 10:30, so I figured I would just pick up the pictures from there.  I snapped a couple quick photos of the girls on Friday morning to make up for the hours I missed on Thursday.  I really wanted to get this post done because in another week my schedule at work is going to change, making my days much different, and I wanted to document what the last year and half has been like on our "school days" before they change.  As it turned out, the day was not a "typical" day, but then again, I'm not sure what is around here lately.

5:15am: My alarm goes off.  Time to get up and get ready for the day.  I leave my phone with the alarm set across the room so I actually have to get up in the morning.  

5:30am:  Shower, hair and makeup for me.

6:00am:  Wake up the girls.  I get Miss A up first and start a cartoon.  Her current morning pick is My Little Pony.  After I start the cartoon, Little J is up and ready to go.  I leave both girls watching their cartoon while I eat breakfast and pack a lunch.

6:15am:  Get the girls dressed while they finish their cartoon.  Little J tends to be much more agreeable than Miss A, and today is no exception.  E wakes up and snuggles the girls for a bit before getting in the shower.

6:30am:  I start both cars because it is super cold, yet again (this is seriously getting really old).  

6:45am:  We're off to day care/work.  Both girls are pretty mellow on the drive, because it's so early.  Then we hear a parody of "Let It Go" on the radio, and Miss A spends the rest of the ride serenading Little J and I.  

7:10am: Drop off at day care.  Both girls are excited to be at J's with their friends.

7:15(ish)am:  I'm at school.  Today in my global studies classes we're talking about the European Union and the protests in Ukraine, so I do some quick research on overnight developments in Ukraine.  After awhile I head out into the hall to supervise.

7:40am:  My first class starts.  I teach 3 sections of 8th grade global studies.  Classes go pretty well today, and most students seem at least somewhat interested in what's happening in Ukraine.    

10:30am:  I'm done teaching and have about an hour and half before I have to pick up the girls from day care.  I use the time to grade some papers, get ready for Friday and eat a bunch of snacks.

11:30am:  Lunch in the teacher's lounge.  Leftover pizza and pineapple for me.  Lots of talk about the cold weather and Fitbits (I'm thinking of getting one now that I'm feeling better.  Anyone have any input?)

11:55am:  I leave school to pick up the girls.  I love that they're so close to work!

12:00pm:  Pick up the girls from J's house.  They've just finished lunch.  I collect their artwork and get them bundled up for the ride home (it's noon and still below zero... I'm bitter about it).  

12:15pm:  We're loaded up and headed home.  Normally our trip home takes about 25 minutes.  Today Little J is very unhappy about being in her car seat.  I have to make 2 stops on the way home to get her arms back in the straps (you can see her reaction in the picture above).  Miss A comes up with a new game.  She tells me, "how about whoever is quieter in the car gets to stay up for 2 minutes when we get home."  Sounds like an AMAZING idea to me!  

Little J starts to get sleepy so I do a loop around to get her to fall asleep.  While we're driving, I see another car go in to a snowbank.  I can see car seats in the back, so we turn around to go help.  Another person stopped too, and between the three of us we're able to get the car out.  Miss A asks why we stopped, and I told her we stopped to help, because hopefully someone would stop to help us if we got stuck.  She tells me our neighbor will help.  

1:00pm:  Finally home, I transfer Little J from her car seat to her bed.  I'm thankful all the time that she can be transferred so easily.  Miss A finds her craft box so we can get working on the invitations for her 4th birthday party (as I wonder how in the world she can possibly be turning 4!).

Miss A is ALL about pink right now.
2:45pm: We finish up with Miss A's invites.  I took all of my willpower to let her decorate the invitations without my help.  They do not look how I would have done them, but she was very proud that she did them on her own.  While the invites dry, Miss A goes to her room for rest time.  I decide to read for a few minutes on the couch.  At some point Miss A falls asleep (which very rarely happens) and I do too.

4:45pm:  I hear Little J crying in her room, and realize I have been sleeping for the past 2 hours while still sitting up on the couch.  I guess I was pretty tired!  I get Little J and bring her to the living room to snuggle and watch a cartoon.  Little J decides she needs some milk, so she goes to the kitchen and gathers her supplies to bring to me.  
Not the best picture, but this is an everyday activity for Little J.

5:15pm:  Daddy is home early!  E takes over playing with Little J while Miss A continues to sleep and I start making dinner.  

5:30pm:  Miss A wakes up.  E and I decide tonight would be a good movie night, so he and the girls start Cars 2 while I cook.

6:15pm:  Time for dinner.  Tonight we had chicken, asparagus, apples and rolls.  At dinner we talk about our days and what's happening in Cars 2.  E and I remind the girls about 10 times to sit down.

6:45pm:  Dinner is over and it's time to clean up.  Miss A and Little J are in charge of helping to clear the table and loading the dishwasher.

7:30pm:  Time to get ready for bed.  This is always a little chaotic, so I completely forgot to take pictures.  Our routine is bathroom, pajamas, teeth, stories, bed.  

7:50pm:  The girls are in bed, and we get a little time to relax.  E found Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on TV yesterday, and recorded it, so we finish up the movie.  I've seen it about a hundred times, so I surf the internet, fold some laundry and eat some ice cream before getting ready for bed.

9:00pm:  E and I head to bed.  We're both fighting a little bit of a cold, and I feel exhausted all the time, so we're trying to get to bed early these days.  I iron for E and get my clothes ready for Friday.  We watch a little bit of the news before going to sleep.  One more day until the weekend!!

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