Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baby #3: Weeks 16-20

Due date: Still August 2, 2014.  My due date with both girls was moved back over a week, so I keep expecting to hear the due date is actually later in August, but at the ultrasound Baby #3 was still measuring within a day of the August 2 due date, so we'll see.

What I'm loving:  Feeling baby's kicks.  Seeing Baby #3 during our ultrasound.  This week, Miss A and Little J both told me about their babies.  Miss A said, "I have a baby in my tummy.  I'm not sure if it's a girl or a boy."  (I think it's a little frustrating to her that she doesn't know if the baby is a brother or a sister.)  Little J likes to point to her belly button and say, "Baby!" while she sticks out her belly.  It's super cute.

What I'm looking forward to:  Real spring weather!  I haven't been very motivated to exercise lately, but I think being able to get outside would really help.  I'm also excited for E to be able to feel baby's kicks.  So far baby's kicks haven't been quite strong enough.

Cravings/Aversions:  I'm loving ice cream.  So much.  I've also gotten my sweet tooth back big time.  Give me sugary cereal, cookies, bars... yum, yum, yum!  I came home from one grocery store trip with a giant bag of Fruit Loops, 3 kinds of cookies and 2 kinds of ice cream.  The girls thought it was great (except I don't share very much).  For awhile drinking water was making me feel sick, but that is finally gone, so I'm back to drinking a lot of water, and I think that has helped out a lot.  The only things I've really been avoiding are leafy greens (keep salads far away, please) and red meat (similar to my other two pregnancies).

How I'm feeling: Still tired, but overall MUCH better than my previous update.  I have far fewer days where I feel sick now, though I still have occasional days where nothing sounds good to eat.  Except ice cream.  I'm always up for ice cream.

What I miss:  Having energy and eating normally.  I'm hoping for a little second trimester reprieve in the next few weeks.

Exercise:  Exercise has been really hit or miss lately.  I'll have a really good week followed by a week when I barely do anything.  I got a nasty head cold that knocked me out for almost a week, which really hurt my work outs.  Still trying to run at least once a week.  I'm limiting myself to indoor running until sidewalks are clear, and it can be tough to get the track's schedule worked out with our schedules.  Come on warm weather!

Diet:  Improving.  I'm not limiting myself on any junk food, but I'm trying to increase the number of freggies I eat during the day.  For breakfast I've been big on Fruit Loops, but I at least try to have an apple with the cereal to balance it out a bit.  I tried a salad with dinner recently, but it made me feel really sick, but I have been eating broccoli (a favorite of the girls), asparagus and (oh so many) carrots.

Differences between pregnancies:  I feel like my belly has taken longer to pop with this pregnancy than when I was pregnant with Little J, but I'm not seeing a big difference in the picture (20 weeks with Little J here).  With both girls I was still throwing up at this point in the pregnancy, but with Miss A, but that never really went away.


  1. Ha! I could NOT get enough fruit loops when I was pregnant with my 3rd. They totally gross me out in real life, but I think I ate them daily when pregnant with him. Do you have any guesses as to if you are having a boy or girl? The only one I guessed correctly with was the one we waited to find out at birth with - I just knew she was a girl! That being said, I was also kind of hoping for another girl, so maybe it was just wishful thinking.

  2. I don't know what it is about the sugary cereal, but it is amazing right now!

    I think of the baby as a girl, but maybe because I already have 2 :)