Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little J's Kitty Party

I think this is my last catch up post from 2014 :) We had a weekend of parties in December with Little J's 3rd birthday starting things off. Little J started planning her party back in March after Miss A's birthday. Initially she wanted a purple party, but over time she added kitties to it, so it was a purple kitty party. In the week before her birthday (after receiving some Hello Kitty things for her birthday) she decided it was a Hello Kitty party, so we added in some Hello Kitty decorations. 

I got a Hello Kitty popcorn maker in a white elephant gift exchange last Christmas, which came in quite handy for Little J's kitty party. She loves popcorn, so it's very fitting. We had a few other snacks, plus Little J favorites mac and cheese, ham and dinner rolls. I put up a few kitty decorations, and a 3 made of pictures of Little J as I have for previous parties. 

I found some kitty masks at Michael's around Halloween, so I got a bunch for the kids to decorate at the party.

Though in most ways Little J reminds me of her Daddy, she does share my love of chocolate. She requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I know that's not for everyone, and the 3 takes two cakes, so I made one chocolate cake and one yellow cake. Little J was really excited for everyone to sing to her, but got a little shy when it was actually happening. Such a little cutie!

Uncle B and Aunt S got Little J a Hello Kitty pinata as part of her gift and she thought it was really fun. It was cold the night of her party, so we let the kids do the pinata in our basement. Because my little brother brought the pinata, I made him hold it while giving the little people a broom to swing at the pinata. That might have been my favorite part. That or the caramel Hershey's kisses inside. They were really tasty.


  1. Such a cute party! Looks like J loved it :) And C in those kitty ears?! TOO MUCH! So so adorable!!!

  2. A) this party is adorable.
    B) I wish I could come to ALL of these parties!!!
    C) I literally laughed out loud imaging you telling B your theory on pinata holding responsibility. A+

    1. I wish you could come to all these parties too! B was not super excited about his responsibilities, especially when the big kids got the broom. Ha!