Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby C: 7 Months

It was a busy month for Baby C. First flight, 5 days with just Mommy and Daddy, sitting up and first foods. My sweet girl is becoming such a big baby!

Personality: A happy girl with big gummy smiles! I can't count the number of times I was stopped in Austin because people wanted to see my adorable girl. She has the sweetest chubby cheeks!

Likes: Sitting up! I'm so happy. I love the sitting but not yet mobile stage. Playing with toys (or dumping them out/throwing them off her high chair). Her hands and feet. Bath time. Blowing raspberries. Fake coughing. Food! Being tickled. Kisses. Watching her big sisters.

Dislikes: Being left in a room alone (unless she's tired). Playing with the same toys for more than 5 minutes. Her winter hat. Tipping over. Not getting food fast enough.

Eating: As I shared in my Week 8 post, Baby C had her first foods this month and she loves them. So far she's had pureed butternut squash, carrots, banana, apple and pear. My Ninja Ultima has made making baby food so, so easy. I've been using the single serving cups to quickly puree bananas, plus the large pitcher to make bigger batches like the butternut squash. I'm sure I'll be mixing up many more things because baby girl loves her food. I think the purees might also be helping extend her sleep, which makes for a very happy Mama.

Sleeping: We've had a really nice week of sleep this week (hello 9pm to 5am!) but the month has been hit or miss in the sleep department. She'll have a day of sleeping like a rock star, then up a bunch the next night. We spent 4 nights in Austin, 3 nights at my dad's house and had some visitors this month, so we were a little out of our routine. We're traveling one night this week but after that I think we have at least a month at home which I hope will help get her sleeping through the night consistently.
All 3 of my girls! Miss A wanted in on Baby C's 7 month pictures, so naturally Little J did to. Love them!

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  1. She is such a little doll - SO CUTE! I love the sitting up and not yet mobile stage too :)