Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 Week 9

can't shouldn't complain too much about our winter, because really, we haven't had that much snow and it hasn't been nearly as cold as last year. But I'm over it. And oh so ready for spring. Early in the week we had grass showing in our back yard. Then we got snow. Baby C was about as amused as I was. 

Miss A was way more excited. She was happy to try to help. She's been taking on some more big kid jobs recently and it's been really nice to see. Four has not been an easy year for her, but five is coming soon and I'm hopeful it will be a great year.

They day it snowed was also reasonably warm, so Miss A got some time to play with the neighbor kids. She has missed that this winter. I have missed that this winter. We're so ready for warm days and kids running around the backyards. 

After the snow it got really cold again. So we're finding ways to stay busy inside. Lots of coloring and dressing up. One day we got Baby C some snow to play with on her high chair. Her big sisters thought it was funny to have snow inside. Baby C wasn't sure what to think.

We also got out the kinetic sand to play with. Miss A and Little J both got some for Christmas and I had kind of forgotten about it. They really enjoyed rolling it out and backing cookies. I need to remember to get stuff like this out more often.

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